Song of the Axes

– A legendary battle that took place over 700,000 years ago, the “Song of the Axes” served as the tipping point that helped the Chromian empire gain true prominence in the Seven Spaceways

In the months before the battle, the Chromians had intercepted a Capellan battlecruiser and proceeded to destroy and loot it, but allowed the crew to escape. As expected, the Capellans saw this as an act of war and immediately retaliated by attacked a worldship carrying several Chromian lords and their families (one of these lords would turn the tide of the eventual battle tremendously). After several more of these attacks, the two races had had enough and decided to end it once and for all; they agreed to send armies to a neutral planet/moon and whichever army was victorious would not only end the conflict, but would hold sway over a good portion of the Seven Spaceways.

They settle on Crejirat, a planet near the pillars of creation that was known for the “Eight Ruby Gates,” a group of tremendous structures that resemble cross-barred gates seemingly hewn from hill-sized rubies. Many great battles had been fought at the “Gates” and the one yet to come would be among its greatest. Over the next few days, the armies of both races made their way to Crejirat, armed with the weapons of true warriors (longswords, greatswords, short swords, spiked chains, heavy maces, and battleaxes), and the stage was set for a clash that would shake the universe.

On the day of the battle, the high commanders of both armies met and agreed on terms: If there was no clear winner in the upcoming battle, they would send forth an appointed champion, and whomever’s champion is victorious would would wing the conflict for their people. As for whom the champions would be, there was no question; Jahazi’al and Andeus, two of the greatest warriors the Seven Spaceways had yet seen. That night, the armies sent messages to their wives, readied their weapons, and sung songs of the deeds of the ancestors, knowing the next day they would have to do them proud.

Soon, dawn broke, and the two armies assembled.

The high commanders stood before their men, raised their swords, and the two armies rushed towards each other, chanting the anthems of their homeworlds. In the next few minutes, the field would be filled with the cacophony of clashing steel, explosions, and screams, but neither army would yield nor give ground. After nearly 30 minutes, the high commanders ceased the battle and called forth their champions, whom had been waiting anxiously for their chance. The remnants of the two armies formed a gigantic circle as Andeus and Jahazi’al made their way towards the center, their weapons drawn and their intentions palpable. The two warriors stared each other down for several long seconds until, in an explosion of speed, they flew at each other, the resulting impact shaking the earth and forcing those forming the circle to take several steps back. As they battled, the clash of their weapons could be heard for miles, and the two of them proceeded to dart around the planet at near hypersonic speeds, dispersing clouds and driving groves into mountains. The two armies watched in awe as the mighty warriors maneuvered across the sky, but the high commanders knew it be over in just a few moments as warriors of this caliber made every strike count. They were correct: both Andeus and Jahazi’al had already been wounding despite only fighting for six minutes and, eventually, the death blow would be struck.

Several more minutes went by with no victor, which worried the high commanders. If there was no victor, the war would have to continue…then an answer came. In the distance, a shape emerged…it was Jahazi’al, with the body of Andeus on his shoulder. Jahazi’al’s armor had been slashed open four time, cutting him deeply, and proved just how powerful his opponent was. The conflict was over and the Chromians now held the power.

After honoring the dead, the two armies parted ways with Andeus’ body placed in a special coffin to be sent directly to his family (with Jahazi’al placing one of his prized swords in said coffin to acknowledge Andeus’ skill). The attacks between the two races ceased and the Chromians went on to become a galactic superpower, but the rivalry between the two never stopped with their two great martial schools constantly competing against one another, and their best scientists tirelessly trying to best their last breakthrough.

Upon returning home, Jahazi’al was a given a hero’s welcome and finally settle down but, in his soul, he still longed for the battlefield. He’d soon get his wish….















The tip of the spear…

Total Patrol:
Original (WW2): Capt. Aero, Big Bear, T.K.M (Albert Mitchell), K-28, Dark Bishop, Silver Agent, Sgt. Strike, Atomaton, Omnibomb
Current (1985-present): Capt. Aero, T.K.M., High Fusion, Golden Lion (Jesse Calan), Star Wolf (Markus Dalton), K.P. (Karl Patrick Marcus), Ferro, Torrent, Big Bear II, Silver Agent, Fanwave, Heatwave


– The team was initially created in 1943 in response to several supergene attacks on the Eastern Front.
– Their mission: find and eliminate the denizens of the world the law can’t officially touch (high-ranking military, drug lords, traffickers, politicians, etc)
– Capt. Aero, Silver Agent, and Big Bear II decimated four cells of sex traffiking, primarilty children, in less than in a year. Capt. Aero personally tortured seven men in said cells to make them pay for the horrific things they made the children do just to eat. (1984)
– Silver Agent slit the throats of three terrorist leaders (two middle-eastern, one european) in order to stop a bombing in Miami, FL. (1989)
– The current team once confiscated a weapon cache worth over $250 million from an arms dealer/drug lord situated in Central America (kept some for themselves) (2005)
– Capt. Aero, Albert Mitchell, High Fusion, and Big Bear II also took part in the second Congo War. Their job was to hunt down and eliminate as many of the leaders of the “RUF” as possible. Along the wat, they met and fought alongside the “Kings of Hell” (1990s)
– The original team witnessed the Kilronian Infernus battle the Note G-Clef over Mt. Kilaminjaro in 1944

A tale of another two cities.

– Viovia:

A parallel dimension to the planet Emberiia, Viovia resembles a fusion of Medieval Europe and the ancient Middle East/Egypt, with a smattering of advanced technology (gleaned from the Emberiians).

Like the Emberiians, Viovian resemble human to an extent, but are stronger, faster, and smarter, with the addition of truly formidable sword-fighters, engineers, and architects. they have history going back some 18,000 years during which they warred with Kauesians, Taucubites, Kiblians, and even Jotunns, all the while building their empire.

The progenitor of said empire was Draben Sect, a great warrior who used his strength, will, and charisma to carve out an empire that spanned almost 1,000 square miles and once had a standing army of 750,000. In time, he married a powerful sorceress and fathered twelve strong children who would go on to further the empire to not only the limits of their own lands but to other realms.

As of now, Viovia, is enjoying a period of peace after a two-year was with the minions of “Mother Stormtooth,” an immensely power primordial being that was bent on conquering their world and bleeding it dry of its resources. The war cost them over 290,000 of their inhabitants, but ultimately they prevailed. Their current ruler is King Ravin V, a just monarch descended directly from Draben Sect (on his father’s side) and other great kings and powerful warriors  Strong, wise, and merciful, Ravin has been guiding his people towards another golden age, forging key alliances and bringing their military to a higher standard of excellence, thus preparing them for any threat.




A lone wolf… (Pt. 1)

– Garvain is a legendary hero with history spanning 1,700 years, and is one of the creations of the “Sister of Wolves.”

Made as the first of a new team, Garvain proved such a success that the “S.O.W.” decided to train him personally, which resulted in Garvain becoming immensely skilled in combat and quite knowledgeable in tracking and smithing (gun, armor, and weapons). After about ten years, the Sister of Wolves told Garvain his training was complete and to journey into the stars and forge his own path, as she knew he was than capable to doing so.

With that, he gathered his sword (“Frozen Gold”) and armor, and proceeded to find his destiny.

Over the course of the next 80 years, Garvain was a soldier, mercenary, teacher, nomad, engineer, and inventor; each and every experience was cherished, as they only helped to make him better. During those 80 years, he came into conflict with Disronians, Kilronians, Solarites, Emberiians, Gyrons, Numerals, and Lavitherans, however, it was usually his fault, as he had developed a taste for battle from having fought a continental battlecruiser single-handedly (long story).

The “Sister of Wolves” was a bit worried as she hadn’t heard from Garvain (or several of her other children), so she decided to look up on them herself…

– To be continued

I do take requests…

The Custom Butcher, pt. 1:
— A truly prolific serial killer, the Custom Butcher utilized a complicated code system to alert their “fans” of their next murder, as well as using it to have them send suggestions for their next targets and the tools they would use.

The Custom Butcher began their reign of terror in 1990 with a pair of victims in Orlando, Florida. They had killed two guides right in Disney World by jamming a pair of sawblades in the heads (to resemble Mickey Mouse, of course) and left their bodies in the “Small World” ride. Upon being found, the police discovered a note: “These two are the first of many. This is but the first act. Happy hunting.” Several weeks later, another pair of victims were left on the step of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, their faces carved to resemble the mask of the “Phantom of the Opera,” they had been stabbed through the heart and allowed to bleed out before the Butcher began their real work. The DCPD were dumbstruck as to how no one saw a thing, until one detective suggested something: the killer may be a teleporter.

This little revelation caused the DCPD to alert the FBI as they were not equipped to deal with this type of supergene, let alone the bodies that might start piling up.

Four months later, yet another pair of victims appeared on the steps of Ford’s Theater, the place of Abraham Lincoln’s murder; this time, the victims had a single bullet wound to the head  and top hats placed at their feet. This galvanized the FBI and DCPD to find this monster. They would have their work cut out for them, as the rampage of the Butcher was far from over.

– To be continued…


True strength comes from inside…

Soul Pressure:
— A variation of Golden Bell Shield, Yi Jin Jing, and Iron Body techniques, Soul Pressure is an extremely advanced technique involving telekinetic (“TK”) force to push the practitioner’s strength and durability to its limits (and beyond).

There are eight levels of progression — each one is considerably more difficult than the last. Their titles correspond with the resulting aura the practitioner will achieve when that level is mastered:

citrine -> opal -> sapphire -> ruby -> emerald -> diamond -> blue diamond -> gold diamond

Most never get past “emerald” (though even making it to “citrine” would require a practitioner to have a considerable amount of martial skill and experience), but those who do are truly forces to be reckoned with as they have the ability to face demigods and even some primordial beings on equal footing.

To this date, only eight beings have mastered the final level of “gold diamond,” one of which is the legendary Chromian hero Hyperblade, who used his newly-acquired skills to forge a reputation that spanned three star-systems and bring glory to his people.

Another was Byrnhorn, the greatest of the Defiant Primes. Known as the “Prime Master” and the “Prince of the Sun,” Brynhorn had accomplished such heights in the martial arts that few in the cosmos could equal him, let alone challenge him. His greatest feat would be the two days he spent fighting O’cedan, one of the finest warriors in the Seven Spaceways. The two warriors pushed each other to their absolute limits, but ultimately they declared the fight a draw have remained close friends ever since.

Well…back on topic.

The “Soul Pressure” technique is still being used by various martial artists throughout various star-systems, each one hoping to break through that plateau and achieve greatness.


The clay of the gods…

Dying Light (Pt. 1):

– A massive beast composed of dark magic, ancient nanotechnology, and a mighty staff engorged with an empire’s worth of magical power, Dying Light wreaked havoc across the world 5300 years ago.

Resembling a gigantic lump of dark clay, Dying Light is capable of reshaping itself into all manner of forms but usually chooses a six-legged form that allows it to attack and defend from all sides. This attack/defense mechanism would be needed when it was sent to face “Jiont,” a gigantic hybrid of wolf and lion. Standing well over 70 feet tall, Jiont was specifically engineered to bring down some of the strongest fortresses on the planet, at a time when the Earth was inhabited by great wizards, “gods,” and giants of every kind; in those days, wars compassed not just the Earth but nearly the entire solar system (hence the evacuation of Mars). In this case, Jiont was sent to invade “Ironwing Island,” an artificial island located near what would eventually be known as Australia, and was nearly twice the size.

Ironwing Island was the base of operations for the Capellans, a race of beings from Capella Four, otherwise known as the “Night Planet,” was extremely fortified: with five-foot thick steel walls, archer golems, war machine golems, wind terrors, earth slashers, and all manner of cannon — many have tried to invade, but all have failed. Given its reputation, most armies would never dare to attempt an invasion, but the army of Nyx, Mistress of Night, were ever so bold. Lead by “Battle Nimbus,” a being native to the Mountain of Phantoms and with parentage from the Planes of Fire and Shadow, this army of 89,000 elite warriors had carved a legacy of terror throughout the cosmos, and Battle Nimbus had every intention of bringing both glory and the head of Ironwing Island’s commander to his mistress.

Of course, however, they came prepared.

Nyx had long understood the physiology of kaiju and decided to make one of her own — namely Jiont. This massive creature was bred for war on a continental scale and was used to face all manner of foes, including a “Maelstrom Behemoth,” one of the most powerful Starbeast variants ever created. With that, Jiont was sent to fight  alongside Battle Nimbus to prove its strength and ensure her victory.

And prove its strength, it did.

Upon reaching the gates of Ironwing Island, Jiont started ramming said gates with Battle Nimbus and his warriors cutting down any and all opposition they came across,  no matter how strong. For twenty long minutes, Jiont battered the gates, enduring the constant bombardment of the cannons and archer golems which gave the lords of Ironwing Island, agents of Capella Four, reason enough to unleash their ultimate weapon. Within moments, Jiont went from battering the gates to being blasted back almost eighty-three feet, nearly trampling his allies. Upon recovering, Jiont and the others looked up to see a gargantuan mass; dark as night, six-legged, and seething with power. Battle Nimbus scoffed at this “parlor trick,” raised his sword, and commanded his troops forward — victory or death.

Dying Light slowly reared up its legs and charged towards Battle Nimbus and his fellow warriors with preternatural speed, kicking up a cloud of dust that completely blanketed the field, and sending shockwaves all across the island. Jiont charged back and the two collided, forcing every soldier, enemy and ally alike, to find cover. For then on, the two titanic beasts fought with abandon — each strike, tackle, and energy blast was matched by the two beasts, devastating the surrounding area, and giving the mighty Capellans pause as even they didn’t expect Dying Light to be so powerful.  With that, Battle Nimbus clenched his blade and proceeded to charge the enemy yet again as the glory of his mistresses had to be upheld. The two beasts continued to battle as the Capellan commander leapt from the gates of Ironwing Island, as he had grown tired of Battle Nimbus’ brashness and wanted to end this once and for all. Battle Nimbus quickly spotted the Capellan commander and ran towards him, blade raised high, ignoring the two behemoths fighting directly beside him.

The battle between the forces of the Capellans and Nyx was now truly joined, but the deciding factor would ascend from the very earth itself and return from on high…

— To be continued…