The rife so far….

My story (the one I’ve been writing) is a strange one indeed. It involves many of the normal elements: Heroes, villains, robots, aliens, ghosts, planet-sized spaceships, anthropomorphic animals, and the like.  It’s been evolving for years now:

I have a group of aliens called the Disronians and the Kilronians. They are extremely powerful as they are immensely gifted fighters and tacticians, with a wealth of knowledge from countless battles. Their civilizations are separated by clan.

For instance:

The Kilronians have the Hell Clans, the Windstrider Clan, the Iron Clan, the Iron Shadow Clan, the Clan of the Knife/the Dark Knives, etc…

The Disronians have the War Mill Clan, the Allo Clans, the Shining Comet Clan, the Dream Clan, the World Clans, etc…

They don’t believe in gender superiority, as both men and women share equal rights in everything connected to their society. As such, everyone on their planets are ORDERED to master 3-to-4 martial arts, as a means of protection and self-improvement.

That’s it for now. Peace.


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