1,000 Chains (Part 1)

Thousands of years ago, the primordial being known as “Si’Tan” had a stronghold built to hold the 1,000 newly-created G. Cannon Geists. To restrain them, 1,000 adamantine chains were forged until their still-feral minds matured fully. In time, the Geists were ready and shipped off to various wars across the planes, however the stronghold remained. Rather than demolish it, the stronghold was converted into a prison, reserved for only the most dangerous of criminals. Its size was doubled and rooms were added to contain all manners of denizens (including extra-dimensional for colossal beings and even sentient planets). Its defenses would be upgraded dramatically: heavy bombs, mono filament nets, antimatter mines, lasers, cyrobeams, plasma cannons, walls of force, and even planet bombs.

Needless to say, even these tools would only go so far, reason being, the occupants of the prison are highly volatile; wizards, giants, planet & star killers, demigods, and even 500′-tall living colossi.

During its 36,000-year existence, there have been numerous escape attempts, but one stands out as the only success. The leader of the escape is familiar to many, including some of the residents of “1,000 Chains”: Heporiziel.

Heporiziel was a member of the alien race known as Disronians, the Gold World clan to be exact, and was considered to be an almost invincible warrior. He had participated in deific-class  fighting tournaments, lifted a heavy planetary battlecruiser, fought in the last five years of the 1st Dragon War (killing over forty great wyrms in the process), and faced several powerful deities straight on (Thor, Shango, Ryujin, Lugh, Horus, etc..). However, all of this paled to his reason for being in the prison: Sometime before his incarceration, Heporiziel ventured to a demi-plane filled with innumerable faceted gems, all of which were infused with powerful magic. After he had picked a bagful for his wife, he made his way back only to find an archangel attempting to seduce his wife.  That didn’t sit too well with him, so he proceeded to shatter the spinal column of said archangel. Needless to say,  this brought the worst manner of attention, but he would not be an easy target to catch. As to be expected, the cosmic police force sent to capture him met with considerable resistance.

Heporiziel destroyed two greater mirror golems, an adamantine golem, killed a demigod of war, and then killed a celestial great wyrm before finally being captured.

Even when he was put in the prison, he didn’t make it easy: he fought almost every prisoner willing to fight him, demolished an entire section of the  prison, and vowed to turn the entire complex into a crater. The wardens eventually had him thrown into a cell covered in powerful shifting runes to keep him “locked” in place. These runes were engineered to constantly change their configuration, frequency, and magical temperance. For five years, Heporiziel waited…waited for a repeat of a past configuration. Then it happened. He used his considerable knowledge of magic to “unlock” these runes and free himself (not before analyzing and stealing this runic designs for himself). Upon his escape, he released every prisoner he could, ranging from hero-deities, quasi-deities, wizards, warlocks, necromancers, sentient kaiju, fellow aliens, and almost every colossi. And then he happened upon a most welcome discovery, a fellow member of the World Clan, the Grey World Clan to be exact…Greymist.

As for the reason for Greymist being there, that was not quite as clear…

[To be continued]





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