1,000 Chains (Part 2)

Greymist’s reasons for being in the prison would have to wait, as Heporiziel and the other prisoners were in quite the hurry. Both Disronians led the charge as their fellow prisoners followed them to freedom. They fought, dodged, and destroyed any and every obstacle or opponent who crossed their path, and eventually made it to the prison’s massive steel gates, where they were greeted by six greater mirror golems, two hellcats (red and blue), and a plasma guardian (a much larger version of a plasma golem). Heporiziel and Greymist were not impressed….and neither was the 550′-tall living adamantine colossus who they had just released. With an energy blast rivaling the power of a small hydrogen bomb, the adamantine colossus destroyed all of the gate’s sentries, and four miles past them. Perfection indeed.

With this new “path,” the escapees forged on, until they made it past the rest of the defenses and were finally free. Each of the escapees bid each other farewell, and made their way to whatever destination they chose:

– Most of the demons, devils, and half-fiends returned to the abyss.

– The Elementals returned to their respective planes.

– The few imprisoned dragons went whatever they wanted (as was their nature).

– The massive living colossi either made their way to Mechanus or toward whatever adventure they could find.

– The Hero-deities and quasi-deities either made their way back to their parents’ pantheons or simply wandered.

Heporiziel and Greymist headed back to their homeworld to reunite with their families.

But this would not be the end of their journey….

[To Be Continued]



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