And now for something different — The Golden Age

Like many other works based around comic books, my story has its own heroes from the Golden Age of Heroism aka the Second World War.

They were:

– Steven Adolph Reynolds: “Capt. Aero” (my version of Capt. America; more on him later) – super-soldier; product of “Project- Starglory”; USA [New York]

– Ava Southway: “Omnibomb” – energy caster, trained nurse, musician, and practitioner of natural medicine; United Kingdom

– Albert Mitchell: “The Killing Machine” – high level regeneration, diamond hard bones; member of the Special Air Service; Ireland

– Albert De Langriss: “Shining Comet” – flight (energy-based), energy caster, very high intelligence (150 IQ); France

– Bryon C.: “Ursa Major”/”Big Bear” – high level strength (able to lift 10 tons), endurance, and durability; member of the alien race known as Kiblians; Netherlands (his current residence)

– Daan de Graaf: “Atomaton” – trained from birth to excel in any endeavor; high level strength (able to lift 850 lbs), endurance, durability, and intelligence (176 IQ); received a variation of the the “Starglory” serum aka Hypergen called Paragen, further improving his already tremendous abilities; Netherlands

– Armin Krieg/Florian Kohn: “Dark Bishop” – Protestant Bishop; vigilante turned soldier; highly skilled in the use of firearms, knives, swords; skilled in hand-to-hand combat, espionage, sabotage, and demolitions; sided with the Allies after the Invasion of Poland; Germany

– James Douglas Williamson: “K-28” – Another product of “Product: Starglory”; a few years younger than Capt. Aero, but equally dangerous, as he was a natural fighter and hunter. Though trained in all manners of h2h combat and firearms, his skill as a hunter allowed him to especially excel as being a sniper; USA [Florida]

— Next up; The Axis….



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