1,000 Chains (Part 3)

Upon their arrival to the World Clan’s homeworld, Heporiziel’s and Greymist’s wives greeted them with open arms, laughing quietly amongst each other. It had been over five years since the pair of heroes had been locked in that infernal prison, and they had quite a bit of catching up to do.

During their absence, both Heporiziel and Greymist became grandparents (Heporiziel’s great-great-grandson Ziel had a son, and Greymist’s daughter Ebixal had a daughter), and their brother-in-arm, Upiel, just had one of his grand-daughters wed to a prominent member of the White-Golds. All of these were occasions to be celebrated, and that is exactly what the two warriors did. they made their way to Upiel’s home, where they were greeted warmly by Upiel and his family, and immediately began eating and drinking. While at Upiel’s home, Heporiziel inquired as to why Greymist was in “1,000 Chains.” As with all members of the Grey World Clan, Greymist did not hesitate.

His reason for being in the prison was quite simple: he had killed a Titan Lord.

5 years and 4 months prior to him being put in prison, he had caught wind of a nearby lord with a great deal of wealth and power, as well as a reputation as an even greater warrior. As with all members of the Greys, Greymist saw this as a chance to improve his skills in addition to gaining a bit of coin for himself. So, he made his way to the star “Alpha Ignobilos Major,” where the Titan Lord’s citadel was located and openly challenged the Titan. While the Titan Lord accepted, the deity whom he serves would’ve never have allowed him to fight as his talents were too valuable. Neither Greymist or the Titan Lord paid that no mind, and proceeded to fight; Greymist brandishing his famous greatsword and the Titan Lord wielding a pair of heavy maces. Like with any true battle, the victor was decided quickly: The two stood still for a brief moment, and then rushed each other. With a clash of these weapons, the room shook, the Titan Lord was momentarily stunned and Greymist struck him down with a slash to the back. The Titan Lord nodded and smiled, then fell dead. With that, Greymist took whatever treasure he could find, including the Titan Lord’s maces, and made his way back home. And immediately after, he was marked….


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