Pantheonic Destroyers, part 1

It is unclear as to why Grammton, Barkayel, and the Great Golden Sun would allow their “children” to attain the power to kill true immortals. Over the centuries, no less than seven greater gods have fallen to a Disronian, four to a Kilronian, and twelve high-level demi-deities to a Solarite. These deaths have infuriated numerous pantheons, and have made even more enemies for the three races. Their planets have been attacked by heralds, disciples, divine servants, hero-deities, and quasi-deities countless times, and the attacks have shown no sign of relenting.

One of the most prolific examples would be when Daga (a “Blue” Solarite) fought and killed a renowned demigod of war in a two-day battle that shook the planet of Soluris. This demigod, Erivantius, had recently fought in a multi-planet spanning war and garnered a reputation for being a literal “one-man army,” toppling heavily fortified citadels almost single-handedly. Daga’s victory was met with great praise by his people, but incured the wrath of thousands of soldiers who had fought alongside Erivantius. As a result, the army of Baucojun (a powerful sorcerer/warlord) set upon a siege to Soluris, almost culminating in another war. During the siege, Daga was forced to fight four highly skilled “martial monks” trained by Baucojun himself. These “monks” proved to be quite a challenge as Daga’s injuries had not fully healed, however as a Solarite, surrender wasn’t an option.  

Meanwhile, on Celestia III’s positive energy moon, Heporiziel was pitched in battle with Austere, a greater god of balance. The fight had only been going on for an hour, but was threatening to shatter the large moon. The two giants clashed swords, traded blows, and unleashed near planet-breaking spells in an effort to obtain an extremely powerful weapon known as “Dragsipar” (+40 greatsword). Another thirty minutes passed, and massive cracks appeared on the moon’s surface. The positive energy radianting from the moon constantly revitalized the two comabtants, thus allowing them to fight harder than even they should capable of.

Back on Soluris, Daga had defeated all but one of the “monks,” who is proving far more resilent than Daga expected.  All the while, the siege raged around them; guns, bombs, and energy blades meshed into a cacophony of vibrant chaos. Daga fought his opponent with renewed zeal as his fellow Solarites battled on with the valor expected of his people. But the siege was intensifying, and Soluris had to triumph….

…..Heporiziel and Austere continued their fight in earnest, causing shockwaves to resonate across the large moon. The positive energy continued to infuse the combatants with ever higher reserves of vitality, granting their attacks and spells tremendous power. Eventually, the two warriors realized they needed a larger battlefield, and teleported to a nearby earth/water planet. The inhabitants had no idea of the destruction they were about to witness. Switching between his longspear, two-bladed sword, and longbow, Heporiziel increased the intensity of his onlsaught as Austere boosted his defense with higher level spells. Small tidal waves began making their way towards the shoreline, and a small town. Both combatants realized this and erected a force field seperated them from the inhabitants, and continued their fight. Austere, showcasing his trademark bladework, began a series of complex – almost mathematical – attacks in an effort to break through Heporiziel’s stances and magical defense. Heporiziel, seeing this, utilized some of the ice/water magic he had learned, and sent dozens of shards of ice, made from water he had just splashed, in Austere’s direction. Austere ducked, dodged, and parried both the shards and Heporiziel’s arrows as he continued his advance. Now back in range, Austere switched to his broadsword to match Heporiziel’s two-bladed sword. Each and every clash of their swords rippled the water beneath them, and threatened to cause yet another tidal wave. Heporiziel thought to himself, “How proud my love* would be if she were here to witness this.”

Austere was estatic to have a worthy opponent after such a long time. His last opponent had been a god of nature who, while formidable, let his pacifist nature get the better of him and ultimately lost after less than an hour of combat.  This was not the case with his current opponent. Heporiziel’s power and skill allowed Austere to utilize his full strength and knowledge. However, on Soluris, things were not as cordial. The last of the four “monks” refused to relent as Daga was battling both him and the ensuing siege. Daga glimpsed blue, red, and orange Solarites repelling the waves of heavily-armed soldiers, mecha, and fighter jets that surged forth; with this little “insight,” so to speak, Daga had had enough. While the “monk” was powerful, he had fallen into reptition, and Daga took full advantage; upon seeing yet another right hook approaching him, Daga countered with a simple wristlock and shattered the “monk’s” wrist and forearm with a simple twist. The “monk” didn’t flinch and attacked with his left, launching a palm strike. Daga stopped the attack with a palm strike of his own, sending the “monk” staggering back. Daga then unleashed a right straight the “monk’s” ribs, a right palm strike to his temple, a left overhand backfist to the jaw, a front kick to the left shin, and a left knee to the face. The “monk” dropped like a stone, and Daga rushed to join his brothers & sisters on the field. Whether the “monk” was dead or not, it made no difference, as there was a siege to stop.

At the same time on the Gaia-class planet, Austere and Heporiziel continued to battle, utilizing vast amounts of magic ranging from light to sound that sent near-hypersonic shockwaves across the planet. As a result of one of the shockwaves, a large mountain was on its way to toppling, threatening a small city near to the two combatants. Austere immediately stopped his charge, and flew towards the falling mountain, Heporiziel followed suit, and the two warriors lifted the mountain in tandem. Fusing the mountain back into the base, the two realized this fight was becoming too costly. Though both wanted the mighty sword, they agreed it wasn’t worth the destruction of a planet. With that said, the two clashed gauntlets and parted ways, much to the relief of the inhabitants of the planet they were on.

While that conflict had concluded, the planet of Soluris was still under siege. Daga hurriedly collected a longsword and battle rifle from a fallen comrade as he continued to dodge gunfire from a dozen directions. This siege was taking an eternity and Daga, as well as his people, knew this escalate further if they didn’t take drastic steps. Fighting his way through a small battalion, Daga made his way towards a mobile fort guarded by a dozen particle cannons, which may have been carrying a field commander. Whether it did or not, It had to be brought down, and this siege had to be crushed.

– To be continued…

(*) = Heporiziel’s wife, Teha’re (Silver World Clan); safe and sound on Celestia III


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