And now for something different…

— Here’s a little story about one of my interstellar heroes: Celen, the War Destroyer

War Destroyer, the King of Battle:
Age: 1,007 (born 1007 AD)
Nationality: Disronian (War Mill Clan)
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 250 – 850 lbs
Eyes: Storm Gray
Hair: Black/Gray
Fighting style(s): Seraph Kai, Catch Wrestling, Pankration, Systema, Iaido, Muay Boran, Judo, Kali, Krav Maga, Goju-ryu Karate, Jewel Driving Wheel

“The rain is warm and falling quietly. The battlefield is serene…for now. The warrior in front of you is very tall and powerfully-muscled, and possess an aura of power unlike any other you have ever felt. He is very muscular, but not bulky, and the ease with which he carries the massive notched & scarred greatsword and battle-worn gun on his back implies he is even stronger than he looks. Dark grey and green armor gleams under a long grey raincoat, and his long black hair is flowing freely across his shoulders. He calmly surveys the field, and motions his men to march.”

The War Destroyer is the epitome of a soldier. He walks on a battlefield, and crushes any opposition who dares match his nerve. He doesn’t care if you think you’re faster, stronger, or smarter, he will find a way to kill you. Period. Deeply respected by his people, he has fought numerous wars in the pursuit of preserving their way of life. He is an artist on the battlefield, calmly and powerfully making his way through the war-blackened fields, cutting down anything that comes in the way of his mission.

Celen was born sometime during the 3rd migration of his people across the ever-changing landscape of their planet. His clan, the War Mills, were blacksmiths, weaponsmiths, and battle artisans who worked directly for the royal family. His life was reasonably normal, learning the various techniques of smithing and fighting from the elders of the clan. Eventually the War of the Firebrands made its way to Earth and the warriors of Disron were needed. This would be Celen’s first war, and was the one that forged him into what he is today. The battles were harsh and very long, commonly lasting up to 2 days, but the War Mills were made of sterner stuff, and accepted this as a real challenge with much relish. The war tested so many as it seemed to bring more destruction to the planet, rather than just the battlefields. The War Mills continued their tyraid along with other clans, up until the point they realized that Kilron clans were here as well. This made for a problem. The war between the Kilrons and Disrons hadn’t ended quite yet, and the two races were not happy to see each other, at all. However, seeing as there was another war to be fought, they put aside their differences (most of them). During this little scuffle, they faced dragons, orcs, orges, drow, trolls, giants, golems, effigies, elementals, undead of all kinds, lichs, mages, ropers, azers, aasimars, tieflings, and numerous other races. The bloodshed was colossal, but the war raged on for almost 10 years. Celen’s name would become known during the siege that ended the war. The War Mills and the A.I.G. were in a pitched battle with the Dread Shadows that were guarding the Drow army, trying to get to the Drow fortress while dodging rapid attacks from their own shadows. The A.I.G. magical armors protected them from this, but not the War Mills. Seeing this, Celen decided to charge on his own and storm the fortress, win or lose. He most certainly was a winner, as he went into a thundering fury, and tore through the Drows, leaving massive holes in the fortress from his swords and fists. His fellow War Mills followed suit and devastated the rest of the fortress, leaving it a charred, arrow-ridden heap. The War Mills & A.I.G. immediately honored Celen for his courage and zeal, and Triple Star gave him the greatsword he now has.

His greatest challenge came when he faced a very large Steeplejack in the middle of a planar forge/furnace. Celen was on a critical mission to kill a mad Galaxar that was decimating the Jovar marcopolis. He had made his way to the core of the destruction, but was intercepted by a Steeplejack that the Galaxar had conjured up. Celen fought the massive beast hard, shaking the marble walls around them, but the beast would not be laid low so easy. They battled until they went through a thick wall, and tumbled into the armory of Jovar. The bright orange and white flames blasted and burned both, but neither would fall to the other. Celen’s greatsword collided with the beast’s iron-hard skin again and again, leaving scars on both the beast and the sword, however, the beast continued to fight, seemingly harder than before. Celen was tossed, stomped, stabbed, and burned, but still he stood; his planet needed him. He spears the beast and slams it against the white-hot walls and pillars of the forge repeatedly, then puts dozens of bullets in its skull, which serve to make the beast even madder. Undeterred, Celen continued to hack away at the beast, eventually severing four of the beast’s legs, and breaking nearly half of his sword off in the beast’s head. The beast struggled, and died. Though the beast was dead, there was still the matter of the insane Galaxar that was destroying the marcopolis. Celen sprinted back to the city and searched for the celestial, his search was quite short. The Galaxar was casting “rain of fire” & “earthquake” spells all over the city, and was showing no signs of stopping, even after being shot out of the sky by the Angel Destroyer. The mad laughing celestial began cleaving the buildings with his “holy” greatswords, so Celen countered this by kicking large pieces of masonry at the celestial. The Galaxar happily swatted the marble chunks back at Celen, and even caught a few, which he then heaved back into the sky to fall back unto the city.

Celen was getting frustrated with this, so he quickly devised a plan of action. He yelled for the Angel Destroyer to fire a round of nitron at the Galaxar’s feet to drive him through the streets. The Angel blasted the streets sending the Galaxar sprawling to the underdark, which seemed to make the insane celestial happier. When the Galaxar jumped back out, Celen dealt a “Diamond Thought” strike right on the Galaxar’s temple, spilling shining blood all over the pavement. The celestial sputtered and stumbled, still smiling, and dropped, directly on its face. The warriors of the macropolis cheered loudly for Celen, and praised him as a hero.

Celen breathed easy and made his way home, burned & battered, but victorious.

Unbeknownst to Celen (or anyone else), Mal-El took a few vials of the Galaxar’s blood for his own personal collection.

For the next few centuries, Celen fought in war after war, both with his people and other races (including: seraphim, aasimars, Formians, elves, dwarves, and others), and has continued to prove his dedication to his planet.


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