Tools of the Ancients, part 1

Its been quite some time since i’ve posted anything, so here’s something a bit more “epic.”

Shooting Star:
A missile-type weapon originally constructed some 120,000 years. Created by the Shapers in order to combat the newest units in the Numerals’ arsenal: Cannon Fortress Prime and the Moon Frame. Resembling a slightly larger variation of a “Stinger” missile, it was capable of detonating with the force of a comet half the size of the United States, which equates to millions of tons of TNT. Though the weapon was never actually used, the Shapers have since built several dozen more….just in case.

Somehow, the schematics for the weapon made their way to Earth (along with designs for the Moon Frame), where they were eventually found by the U.S. and British governments. Since then, both governments have been trying to reverse-engineer the “Shooting Star” to no avail. The propulsion systems were simple enough, but the power source used to create the monumental explosion the weapon could produce just couldn’t be replicated.

On a lighter note, however, the two governments have had considerably more success reverse-engineering the schematics for the Moon Frame, and have built two successful prototypes, which have since been used in several theaters of war and have already gained a good bit of infamy…

Extinction, Carver of Souls:
The preferred weapon of the primordial being known as Devastation. Named after his other alias, this flail is composed of a long orichalcum handle and chain attached to a spiked neutronium head, which made the weapon impossibly heavy and exceedingly dangerous. First wielded by Devastation several decades before Jehovah’s reign, Devastation has used this tool to murder gods, goddesses, elementals, celestial being, infernal beings, and even entire star systems. Being the personification of destruction, this was his duty and he was relentless in the fulfillment of this most solemn of duties, even openly defying the previous supreme being. A star system had come to his attention that had grown extremely decadent and immoral, so Devastation prepared to destroy this cluster of planets and stars and rid the multi-verse of this rife, however, the supreme being ordered Devastation to spare the star system (for reasons still unknown). Devastation would have none of it as the system he was targeting had committed numerous atrocities and had degenerated into extreme debauchery, and with that he proceeded to fight his way to the star system; swinging against golems, dragons, inter-planar elementals, and even proto-angels, Devastation stood firm and got to his target. Within minutes, he began shattering each and every planet, moon, and star he saw; not one of the denizens of this system could be left alive. Moving at superluminal speeds, he destroyed the system in 60 minutes, but along with his mission being completed, he had also incurred the wrath of the supreme being.

Being who he was, Devastation did not care. He simply sheathed his weapon and moved on to the next mission, waiting for the day the supreme being to make his move.

Starfury, Bow of Eternal Dawn:
A weapon wielded by the god Abris, an ancient god of the hunt. Utilized during the great cosmic wars that occurred during the early part of Jehovah’s reign, each arrow loosed from this mighty bow struck with the fury of a raging sun and moved at near-superluminal speeds. The bow was crafted from orichalcum, its string from spun adamantine, and its arrows from admantine and steel. This weapon served him well for thousands of years until he passed it on to his successor, Tyion (goddess of the hunt).


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