Tool of the Ancients, part 2

Let us continue…

Comet-Fell/Cometfell (1.3 million years old):

A greatsword wielded by the first “Starburst,” a construct built to guard the planet-sized bio-experiment known simply as “Life.” The sword was crafted from an unusual alloy called “Cloudmetal,” which was lighter than aluminum, but hit like adamantine, and held an incredible edge. At its hilt was a cue ball-sized sphere that was brimming with enough energy to level a mountain range and served to make the weapon even more dangerous.

The weapon got its name after Starburst’s creators witnessed “him” destroying a massive comet in two that would easily ruined all the work they had achieved on “Life” and possibly annihilated the planet itself. Knowing this, Starburst leapt from the planet’s surface, flying at escape velocity, and proceeded to cleave the comet in two and quickly blasted the halves to dust some 18 miles before the comet would’ve made landfall. With that, Starburst returned to “his” post, ever vigilant, awaiting the next threat.


Warbringer, Breaker of the Sky (2.5 million years old):

A truly infamous weapon utilized in the great wars before and during Jehovah’s reign. Wielded by the being who would someday be known as Lord “Iron” Thunder, this mace has rained untold destruction upon countless battlefields, leveled continents, laid low great-great wyrms, and stood against Sol’s nine mighty swords. Constructed from adamantine and orichalcum, the large mace is adorned with opals and several depictions of lightning and clouds.

Its nickname came from L.I.T. shattering the forcefield of one the Dimension Bombers, whose field was reflecting the blue sky directly above it. Mind you, the forcefield of a Dimension Bomber can withstand the Tsar Bomb and still maintain 80% integrity.  The impact from the mace shattered the field and severely damaged the Dimension Bomber, forcing it to retreat, and incurring the wrath of the Original Component (co-creator of the Numerals). That wrath involved sending Cannon Fortress ISJ-1 (the prototype of Cannon Fortress Prime), along with with 63,000 Duvohs, after L.I.T. He was not impressed….but it was a challenge he was more than happy to accept.


The Void, Incarnation of Chaos (6.3 million years old):

A weapon with a history dating back several million years, this warhammer is responsible for the deaths of at least 90 greater gods and goddesses, five elder deities, two old ones, and actually gave the invincible primordial being Devastation pause (albeit briefly).

Consisting of a long neutronium handle and a head composed of black hole matter, this warhammer is unfathomably heavy, to the extent some overgods and elder titans couldn’t even move it. Blacker than the deepest regions of Space, the name of its wielder has long since been lost, but its reputation remains strong, stronger perhaps than the weapon itself.

It was first seen during the 1st Titanomachy, when the primordial ancestors to the Olympian gods were warring amongst each other for the right to rule the open galaxy. Ouranos had sent Force and Violence to kill Nyx after she had purposely destroyed one of his space stations, killing at least 83 Andromedans. The twin warriors set about their mission, armed with the  “Golden and Silver Crescents,” a pair of exceptional great-axes crafted by Ouranos himself. The wielder of the Void was minding “his” business, watching over the star system “he” had sworn to protect, when the three Olympians blazed towards “him.”  Force and Violence were attacking Nyx at every possible angle, while she was defending herself with equal fervor, and the wielder of the Void just stood by, ever watchful.

Eventually, the battle made its way to “his” star-system, and that was something he couldn’t abide. With less than a thought, “he” was upon them, attacking at impossible speed in defense of “his” star system. Nyx teleported out of the way, but Force and Violence continued their attack; for them, the target mattered not. For “him,” it did matter  and “he” proceeded to punch Force several meters away and smash Violence with the Void. Both were quite angry after the attacks, but “he” did not care. The twins went after “him” with contrasting attacks, lashing out with the Golden and Silver Crescents from a myriad of directions, but every attack was blocked and parried with fluidity and brutal grace. After a short period, “he” became annoyed with the two Olympian dogs, and responded with a shock-wave not unlike the blast from a megaton nuclear bomb, sending the twins back at least a mile and giving them reason to formulate a new plan of attack. “He” would not give them that chance as  “he” flew at them, close to Mach 19, and hit them picoseconds before they could even react. With the twins stunned, “he” said simply: “Leave my home, and continue after your real quarry.” The twins grudgingly agreed and teleported away. The wielder of the Void returned to watching over “his” star-system, and noticed a warrior clad in white & gold wandering through one of “his” planets, carrying a curious blade..the make of which “he” hadn’t seen in quite some time…


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