The Ghost Clan

A mysterious Kilronian clan that has more than its share of legends, and just as many aspects of infamy. Founded 650,000 years ago, the Ghost Clan was infused with a customized vampiric strain, thus granting them even greater strength, speed, durability, and intelligence on top of their already considerable abilities. In time the clan produced many great warriors, such as: Ghostback, Jack Kelnu Nu, Ishmael, Dorlus, Dawnmoon, Cyprial, Arabella (the Ghost Killer’s wife), Magena (Arabella’s sister), and of course, the founder himself, the Ghost Killer. With this newfound power, they have stopped comets the size of Earth’s moon with their bare hands, wielded weapons that weighed well over 750 tons, and moved so fast that even Deimos barely saw them (which is actually quite a feat).

All this power came at a steep price, however: An innumerable amount of enemies. Thanks to the fighters of the clan, their reputation coupled with their cold demeanor made their lives very difficult.

Case in point — the rivalry between the Ghost Killer and Balaam. This rivalry has lasted over 6,500 years and garnered them the titles that would follow them throughout the age: Ghost Killer – Kingdom Destroyer (long before Posun was given the title); Balaam – the Iron Beast.

The two mighty warriors have decimated mountain ranges twice as large as the Andes, blasted craters into the ground 2 miles wide, and fought for days at a time. Both of their wives disapproved of their “foolishness,” but it mattered not, the two warriors would continue their conflict for as long as their bodies would allow (considering their extraordinary longevity, that could be another thousand years). One of their greatest clashes occurred a little over 372 years ago on the plane of Kriraigar. Kriraigar was populated by elementals of various kinds and was quite peaceful. Balaam was just passing through, looking for metals gems for weapons and jewelry…then he sensed it.

He suddenly realized he had been followed.

The Ghost Killer had tracked Balaam down and was hell-bent on “repaying” Balaam for the scar he had given him (on his left arm). Balaam immediately seized his greatclub and blocked the Ghost Killer’s attack, then demanded that they take the fight elsewhere. The Ghost Killer said nothing, pushed Balaam back, and continued his assault.  Withing seconds, the two combatants were moving at supersonic speed, sending shockwaves throughout Kriraigar with each clash of their weapons; stones the size of houses were smashed to dust, trees over 300 feet high and almost as thick were cut down in a single strike..such was the fury of the two warriors. After several minutes, the two had already grown weary of armed combat and proceeded to use their fists…and the very energy flowing through their veins. Milli-seconds after dropping their weapons, the two warriors unleashed their unarmed martial skill, throwing a multitude of strikes in mere moments. Each strike resonated for hundreds of feet, but this had to end.

Unbeknownst to the two warriors, their wives (Kirabel & Arabella) had followed them there, and forced them to stop.

The two giants nearly fought their wives in retaliation, but quelled their anger long enough to save it for another time. The two collected their weapons, gave each other one last menacing stare and left the plane, but their grudge was nowhere near done.

Shortly thereafter, Ishmael (Arabella’s brother-in-law) alerted both her and the Ghost Killer about an incoming threat from an old nemesis…..









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