A chance meeting

Iron Killer vs. Anian (a god of science):
The Iron Killer, in his eternal quest for martial perfection, happened upon a god who specialized in science and war. The god, known as Anian, was always curious to test his fighting ability against worthy adversaries, so being a scientist, he accepted the Iron Killer’s challenge. Anian’s demiplane resembled a cross between a laboratory and a modern weapons factory (circa 1982), with numerous guns & swords scattered about. The god struck first with a series of force bolts and a swipe of his bastard sword, I.K. retaliated with a parry from his spear and a sidekick. Anian dodged and rushed at I.K., attacking with the hilt of his sword, and then the pommel, with only the pommel connecting. I.K. countered with a backfist to Anian’s ribs, followed by an inside spinkick. Anian was the first to fall, but got to his feet with a kip-up. I.K. nodded and pressed the attack with a reaching strike which he quickly turned into an overhand strike, both of which were blocked. Anian dashed in, sheathing his sword in the process, and went for I.K.’s legs. I.K. jumped over him, and proposed they switch to h-2-h. Agreed. The two set aside their weapons, and began launching a series of powerful strikes that shook the massive demiplane. Neither combatant would yield to the other; Anian favored hand attacks and throws, while I.K. preferred kicking, knee, and elbow strikes. The two threw each other into the floor hard enough to crack it severely, clashed legs and arms with enough force to fracture the walls and let loose enough energy to pulverize a mountain range…both combatants were ecstatic.

After sometime, there was no clear winner, so both decided to take a break. Anian offered I.K. a drink, which he graciously accepted, and the two began exchanging stories of their victories, martial training, and numerous travels. In time, the thought of combat had left them, and the two simply continued talking. Anian praised I.K.’s strength, but needed to get back to work, so the two id each other farewell, and planned to face each other again soon. I.K. collected his spear and departed, content in having found a new friend and acquiring real knowledge.

Shortly after leaving Anian’s demiplane, the Iron Killer was contacted by Ishmael, and told that there was a incoming threat from an old enemy, and they were determined to succeed…


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