Dark Rituals

Here’s a few of the rituals/spells my heroes have to deal with at times…
Invocation of the Supreme Storm:
– A ritual/spell used the creator goddess of the Weather Beings, Nimba. It involves combining radiant energy with the four elements to generate a CAT 5+ hurricane. Nimba would often build upon the resulting storm, making it larger by the minute. At its largest, the storm was able to engulf an entire continent, and it would be unleashing radiantly-charged lightning bolts, hail the size of cars, a constant deluge of rain, and winds exceeding 300 MPH.

Forbidden Summoning of the Dragonking:
– A ritual that caused enough destruction as to force several powerful wizards and sorcerers to combine their power to keep it from ever being used again. The original set of scrolls were created by a now-forgotten high wiazrd, written in a combination of draconic and titanic, and infused with immeasurable amounts of magic. When the scrolls were read in the proper sequence, they would summon a tarrasque-like dragon capable of leveling cities and, given enough time, could raze a continent clean of life. From whence this beast came, and how the wizard discovered it, is unknown, but the devastation the monster caused will never be forgotten.

The beast had no name (as far anyone knows), but it was given the name “Dragonking” due to its appearance and immense size, but more importantly because of its ability to breath blue and gold fire simultaneously, a trait even elder wyrms don’t have. The beast rampaged through seven cities, killing nearly 870,000 citizens, but was eventually stopped by a mysterious white-haired warrior. The battle lasted for nearly three days, almost leveling a nearby mountain, but the warrior prevailed, dragging the the beast’s severed head behind him.

With that, the slaughter had ended and the white-haired warrior accepted the reward, then quietly disappeared. The resulting destruction had caused said wizards & sorcerers to bind and lock up the scrolls used in the horrifying ritual.

Unknown to many, said scrolls eventually made their way to Washington DC…

Sacrifice of the Twelve Demigods:
– A ritual once performed by Vison to elevate his already considerable power to that of a god. He labored for over a year to build the necessary chamber for the sacrifice and, upon its completion, he went hunting. He traversed the world for the children of powerful deities, often having to fight them and drag them back to his castle. After several months, he succeeded in capturing twelve demigods and proceeded to initiate his vision of absolute power. One-by-one, he plunged his crystal longsword into the hearts of the captured demigods, and after the twelveth had died, he absorbed their divine power. Vison fell to his knees for several minutes, struggling to stay conscious, but he fought…and won.

Vison made his way to his feet, took a deep breath, and laughed quietly. His eyes glowed a dim purple, his muscle coursed with new-found power, and his thirst for battle was stoked to an absolute inferno. However, his quest incited the wrath of several of the demigods’ parents, particularly Ymir. Vison had killed one of Ymir’s daughters (all of whom were extremely beautiful, since Ymir only laid with the finest of Cloud, Mountain, & Storm giant women), and incited Ymir’s legendary anger. So he sent on of his titanium dragons (highly augmented for greater strength, speed, and toughness) to destroy Vison and bring back his daughter’s body to be buried properly.

After a short rest, Vison took to testing his newly-acquired abilities against the best combatants he could find. So he traveled to Germany and sought out one of the fiercest beasts to stalk those lands: a red great wyrm.

Unfortunately, the titanium dragon sent by Ymir got to him first, and proceeded to smash Vison with the steel-hard sphere at the end of its tail. The attack launched Vison almost 1,000 feet away and dazed him long enough for the titanium dragon to almost bite his head off. Vison managed to dodge the attack, but the dragon pressed on, slashing at Vison with its claws and wings. Vison retaliated with strikes from his mithril greatsword, which knocked the dragon around but didn’t penetrate its scales, and energy blasts which hammered the dragon with the force of an avalanche.

The dragon was not impressed.

Vison attempted a running slash but the dragon was ready, sending a blast of silver force towards Vison, propelling him into a nearby mountain range. Vison struggled to free himself, but the dragon shattered both him and the mountain with a concentrated wave of silver-fire. With that, the dragon flew towards Vison’s castle and collected the body of Ymir’s daughter and flew back to his master. Vison, on the other hand, did survive, albeit barely. His body broken, Vison stumbled and crawled towards his castle until made to the front gates, where his servants took him to his healing chamber.

The battle was just beginning…and Vison had every intention of getting revenge.

Added Bonus —

Werewolf Packs:
– Bloodmoon Shadow
– Scarred Gloom
– Dusk Raven
– Night Raven
– Raging Grin
– Dawnguard Heart

Maces and Flails:
– Silver Impaler (weapon of Arabella, matriarch of  the Ghost Clan)
– Thundersoul
– Windsong
– Righteous Might
– Fiery Warmace
– Lightbane

Vampire Lords:
– Cynthia Montgomery
– Desmond Delarosa
– Demetrius Maganti
– Christina Romanus


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