A machine for an ancient manner of war….

Planet Protector and Planet Soldier Armors (also the same type as Museum’s Armor):
– A type of advanced powered armor created by the Planetorians over 250,000 years ago

– When attuned to a wearer, the suits disappears into a sub-dimension that follows the wearer everywhere. This is not symbiotic, however. The suit is merely attuned to the user’s unique bio-electric patterns.

– This suits were built with a combination of subspace technology, various types of metallurgy, advanced cybernetics, and a mechanical variation of  “Alpha Physiology,” in that both the suits and their wearers grow more powerful with every challenge met.

– The suits exists on multiple dimensions which allows them to have multiple power sources. This also allows them to modify themselves with self-generated weaponry and upgrades to their existing armor.

– The suits themselves are fully sentient and will not allow themselves to be used for nefarious purposes, unless overridden by a superior technology.

– The suits will periodically “upgrade” their wearer making them stronger and smarter, via an unusual form of bloodless surgery. The wearer almost never feels anything during the procedure.

– Another aspect of the suits’ variation of “Alpha Physiology” is the wearer can modify the suit on the fly, depending on the level of experience and willpower the user has. Users have moved mountains, dived to bone-crushing depths, built megalithic structures in mere hours, and fought quasi-divine beings on equal ground.


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