Our Hollow Soul

The Grey World Clan:

Our Hollow Soul:
How does one restrain the most powerful of urges?
With drink?
You have to forget it. You have to fight it.
But what if that is not enough? What if the urge retaliates? Beckoning, calling, seducing, luring.
What then?
The pain can become excruciating, but in time, perversely soothing.
What glorious and unexpected hell.
What paradise where the trees sway with hellfire, the rivers run with waters clear as a hollow soul.

– A secretive aspect of the World Clan, the Greys are said to have the blood of Glooms running through their veins. Some of the most dangerous Disronians to ever live, the Greys are consummate assassins and mercenaries, having carved a reputation throughout space with the edges of their swords. The third “World” Clan to be created, they stood oddly amongst the polished and shining visages of the Gold and Silver World Clans, as their dull grey armors shown quietly yet powerfully. A with every Disron before or since, they trained themselves in all manner of subjects: physical, mental, and spiritual. However, they chose the path of violence, in its purest form. True violence has intelligence, wisdom and, above all, love, behind every act committed. There must be purpose behind it, and strength within it.

The Grey World Clan understood this and embraced the concept of true violence to further their development. As the centuries went by the Greys gained both fame and infamy through their pursuit of martial perfection, slaying all those who bar their path. In time, even the divine fell to their blades.

The nature of their abilities allowed them to face lower-level deities such as hero-deities, quasi-deities, and demi-deities on equal ground, and with these victories, the Greys became distant from their fellow World Clan members as their path to understanding the art of violence consumed them completely. This “understanding” has led to have a constant look of sorrow on their faces; no other emotion, save indifference, ever comes across their face. Their weapons of choice has become as infamous as the Greys themselves. The Greys utilize longswords and greatswords with rectangular blades, along with straight, curved, and serrated daggers. These weapons are always made with adamantine with a percentage of orichalcum mixed in to make the already-dangerous weapons even more powerful.

They also employ a type of garrote know as a “Mercy Rope.” This long, thin cord is made from spun adamantine, inlaid with a small amount of orichalcum. Normally used to silence larger targets and dispatch groups of smaller targets, this tool got its name from its ability to kill very quickly (a majority of the time). When used properly, it could tear brains from skulls, rip organs to shreds, and bisect a target with less than a flick of the wrist.

Unfortunately, their chosen path has changed them even more as of late, and not for the better. Their education into the art of true violence has forced them to look for alternate means of “feeling,” so some have turned to a form of Sadomasochism. They commonly utilize their “Mercy Rope” during sexual intercourse, which results in many of the scars seen when Greys remove their armors or garments.

In conclusion, the Grey World Clan has proven itself to both the Disronian people and a good portion of their universe to be truly deadly. Whether they continue upon this path has yet to be seen, however, the skills they’ve acquired over the centuries may prove invaluable yet…


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