King of the Celestial Jungle

Age – 3,011 (born 997 BC)
Height – 7′
Weight – 460 lbs
Fur/Hair – Dark Red
Eyes – Blue
Nationality: Solarite (“Red Super-giant”-class)

– Fighting Styles:
Light Beam, Lightning, Trinity Ray, Imperial Ray, Druk Goud (“Planet Smasher”), Choy Li Fut, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Long Fist, Karate (Isshin-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, Shorei-Ryu, Shotokan), Kampfrigen, Tenshin-Shinyo Ryu Jujutsu, Arte Dell’Abbracciare, Korat-style Muay Boran, Lancashire Catch Wrestling, Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, Senegalese wrestling, Boxing (Swarmer and Boxer-Puncher styles)

– Possessions:
Bracers of Armor +10 (further improving his already ridiculous durability)
+4 mighty-cleaving keen burning roar greatsword
+4 shocking burst silver battleaxe (x2)
red pearl necklace by his mother, Senala

– Powers:
Super Strength – Zo’s Solarite heritage gives him access to vast strength. He has went toe-to-toe with such powerhouses as a “Happy Madness”-induced Maximilian Sterling, Windrunner, Sirius, Meziel, and U-Gor. He once cracked a small planetoid with a single blow. While already powerful, his strength was greatly increased by Gaia after he protected from both Bahamut and the Olympian Gods. His upper limit has not been been pushed as of yet (Lifting mountains and moving moons are quite easy for him).

Durability – Zo’s resilence rival most gods and celestial beings. His divinely-increased stamina allows him to fight at his peak for weeks. He was endured artillery shells, falls from orbital heights, and the firepower of entire space armadas, surviving every-time. He has withstood a ground zero nuclear explosion, Master Sun’s 2,000,000-degree “Crown Burst” blast, and Brokenstorm’s “Shattered Lightning” attack.

Flight – Another aspect of his race, the Solarites. He can casually fly at Mach 2 and easily reach sub-light speeds. He can get anywhere in the world in a few minutes.

Senses – While his senses were already extensive, with the addition of Gaia’s divine gift, Zo can now see the entire electromagnetic spectrum, see an object down to the molecules, find a single scent in an entire city, and single out a sound in the entire world.

Other powers – Zo can also project energy fields, and project energy from his eyes, mouth, and hands (capable of harming Sirius).

– The UF’s computer, “Ravah,” has stated that it has not found a way to kill Zo, and Armor Battler’s scanners have found no weaknesses in his body.

– By unleashing their full power, he was able to defeat the “True Destroyer” Haniel while he was fully charged.

– Zo never over-reacts. He remains perfectly calm during even the most dangerous & stressful of situations. He thinks everything through, and makes the most ethical and useful decision.

– Zo is extremely intelligent and constantly studies anything useful to further improve himself. He is quite knowledgeable in the fields of anatomy, psychology, astrophysics, aeronautics, botany, and astrology.

– Likes brandy, rum, well-tailored three-piece suits, a good cigar, visiting his friend Avatar on Earth’s moon, and loves his wife Minerva.

Feats of Power:
– Restraining a 20x stronger than normal Sirius
– Forcing Haniel to use his full strength and defeating him
– Enduring the combined energy blasts from Windrunner, Sirius, Jin, & Monument
– Breaking Hoppy’s grip and throwing him into outer space
– Fighting Sirius and Canyon at the same time
– Fighting a 10x stronger than normal Canyon, who could easily shatter Mt. Everest with his fists
– Fought Silence to a standstill
– Defeated a battalion of Force Golems sent by the Shapers.
– Caused a 75 teraton explosion….with his fists

~~ A living legend, Zo has been helping defend Earth and the entire Solar System for the last 100 years. He first appeared shortly before WWI, where he met Julian Heli, the man who would go on to become the legendary super-soldier known as “The Chief.” Zo didn’t fight in the Great War, but would serve as adviser to Woodrow Wilson in terms of strategy. Years later, he oversaw the creation of his soon-to-be friend & ally, Captain Aero,and helped build the weapons the Total Patrol (Capt. Aero’s team) would use in the fight against the Axis. As time progressed, he joined the Universal Force in the 1960s (along with the newly-revived Capt. Aero), and began fighting far more dangerous threats, such as the Numerals and the Planetorians.

His abilities have led to conflicts with a colorful array of opponents, such as: Lord Meziel, Thor, Hercules, two Planet Soldiers, a Planet Protector, Tezcatlipoca, Nircalepael (a Disronian “feral”), and Bakrubo (a Solarite mercenary). These fights helped shape him into a more complete fighter, and proved invaluable when he and the Universal Force were summoned to help defend the universe against a threat from on high….


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