Every battlefield is a jungle…

The Kings of Hell:
– An elite group of operators who have been augmented with the serum “Heliocite,” the replacement for the “Starglory” serum. They all have one thing in common: they are shapshifters. This ability allowed them to survive receiving a much higher dosage of the “Heliocite” serum, thus heightening their physical and mental abilities tremendously. All of the members are highly trained, experienced, and fearless. Their reputation alone have dispersed some major conflicts, and their intervention has cleaned them up just as quickly. They, like the Total Patrol, only answer to the highest members of the US Government; anyone else is ignored.

Knight Lion (Were-Lion) – Army Rangers/75th Ranger Regiment:
– Weapons of choice: M60, dual Franchi Spas-12 shotguns, Bowie Knives (x2), Pancor Jackhammer, J-Tac “Paratrooper” SCAR

Dagger Hound (Were-Hound) – Delta Force:
– Weapons of choice: M79 Grenade Launcher, FN Hi-Power 9mm (x4), Titanium Ka-Bar (x2), Titanium Kukri (x2), AUG Para MK3

Wood Cougar (Were-Cougar) – Marine Recon/Scout Sniper/Marine Special Operations Regiment:
– Weapons of choice: HK PSG-1, Walther 2000, Colt M1911 (x2), Dragunov SVDM, Ka-Bar Large Heavy Bowie, Marine Raider Bowie

Butcher Spider (Were-Spider) – Navy SEALs:
– Weapons of choice: HK G36 Assault Rifle w/ AG36 grenade launcher, Busse BM Variant Desert Eagle, Titanium butcher’s cleaver (x4)

Cloud Phoenix (Were-Hawk) – 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne):
– Weapons of choice: Winchester Model 1897 Trench Gun (retrofitted & reinforced with titanium & highsteel for use as a melee weapon), Barrett M82/Light-Fifty, adamantine chakram (x2)

Battle Falcon (Were-Falcon) – 1st Special Operations Wing (Air Force):
– Weapons of choice: modified Springfield M1903, EX41 China Lake Grenade Launcher, .357 Magnum (x2), Ontario 499 Air Force Survival Knife (blade made from highsteel) (x2)

Sword Cobra (Were-Cobra) – Navy SEALs:
– Weapons of choice: Onyx Arms Mythical “Greyhound” LRMR, Mark 3 Knife (x2), M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle, M1942 machete, Highsteel katana

Mind Lynx (Were-Lynx) – CIA Special Activities Division:
– Weapons of choice: M590A1 (pump-action 12 gauge), Glock 17 Gen4 (x2), Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol, Highsteel Karambit (x2)


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