A curious entity

Mountain Crow:
– A close quarters combat specialist; shotgun, pistol, knife, heavy armor, and shield. Also an anti-armor vehicle specialist.

Mountain Crow is a “childlike shade” that was given a superior mechanical body by Prof. Cubidor (a “Shaper”), and now works with the “Ghost Breakers” and various other supernatural hunters. This mechanical body is not meant to be cybernetic nor robotic; it was built specifically for “Crow.” “Crow” controls it by transforming into mist and simply entering the body through the head. The mechanical body has a mostly solid upper body with an extreme amount of dexterity in its limbs and lower torso, and can only be controlled by “Crow” due to the mechanical body being partially composed of metals from its home dimension.

He’s been at it for over 18 years, and has traveled across numerous dimensions, planes, and planets, and is loving every minute of it. In the time between missions, Mountain Crow usually leaves the mechanical body in one of several safe houses and travels the world in its natural shadow form.

His name came from two things:
– Mountain: the type of mechanical body utilized to create his frame. It was originally meant for mountainous regions, and certain types of urban areas.
– Crow: The “childlike shade” was dark as night, so Prof. Cubidor simply called him “Crow.”

Thanks to the immense genius of Prof. Cubidor and “Shaper” technology, the mechanical body used was augmented to its highest limits:
– 30x the strength, speed, and durability of its original form
– has high-grade composite plating (Highsteel)
– the main body is composed of Shadowlightning Mithral and Sandshock Adamantine.

Chosen Weapons:
– Benelli M3
– Winchester Model 1897 (Trench, Riot, and Standard grades)
– Remington Model 870
– Glock Knife (Field Knife 78 and Survival Knife 81)
– “One Piece Range” CRK Model Mark IV
– Browning 9x19mm Hi-Power
– Glock 18 (chambered for 9×19 Parabellum


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