The P.W. Gang

– 10 years ago Pandora, the geneticist responsible for the “A-Key” upgrade known as “Pandora’s Wonders,” was captured by the mercenary band “Legion” at the whim of the British government. Along the SAS, Legion was tasked to deliver Pandora to MI6 so that they may personally force her to give up her latest designs. Along the way back to Britain, the men couldn’t help but notice that Pandora had a content smile on her face.

The SAS field leader inquired as to why she was so happy, considering what was going to happen to her once they landed. She looked up, smile wide as ever, and stated “my children will be here soon. They’ll bring me home.” The men chuckled as this supposed threat, confident in their success. No more than a few moments after her statement, a large stealth aircraft* appeared above the gunship transporting Pandora. Within seconds, several hatches opened and six small figures leapt out. These six figures, all clad in high-altitude gear, flew towards the gunship and eventually landed on both the roof and the sides, planting small mines in various places. The mercenaries and the SAS troopers made ready their weapons as the walls of the plane imploded, and the six figures began laying down fire from weapons the mercenaries and SAS troopers had never seen before. Even more shocking was the realization that their attackers were actually children, no more than 13-to-14 from the looks of it. These children, however, were moving with skill only acquired from years of training and experience. The six small figures continued their assault with variations of bullpups and shotguns, cutting down both mercenaries and troopers, all the while making their way towards Pandora. One of the figures, adorned with a “golden lion” patch in their left shoulder, had made their way to the cockpit. Without a flicker of restraint, the figure slashed the throats of the pilot and co-pilot, and took the lead pilot’s place. Another figure, adorned with a “smiling devil” on their left shoulder, immediately jumped into the co-pilot’s seat, and helped steady the plane.

The other four figures had managed to get to Pandora, where they cut her free, placed a high-altitude mask similar to theirs on her head, and handed her a high-altitude suit. Immediately after donning the gear, Pandora and the four figures leapt from the gunship, with the two figures in the cockpit trailing behind. The mercenaries and the SAS troopers didn’t have time to react as a F-18E Super Hornet blew the gunship out of the sky. A few of the occupants managed to escape but Pandora and her little rescuers were long-gone.

When the surviving mercenaries and SAS troopers were debriefed, the agents of MI5 & MI6 could hardly believe what they were hearing. Children has fought their way onto a heavily-armed gunship, suppressed a group of highly-trained and experienced soldiers and mercenaries, piloted the gunship, rescued the prisoner, and escaped. It was so ridiculous, it could almost be true. One of the SAS troopers made mention of the high-altitude gear and the weapon variations the children were using, all of which were far more advanced than anything in the standing military of either the US or Europe. These oddities made all of them ponder the origin of these child soldiers.

Meanwhile, Pandora and her “children” had since landed safely on the outskirts of Italy, were picked up by several operatives from Astra Denca, and were being transported to a facility known as the “Blue Fire Command.” Pandora lovingly embraced each of her six rescuers, as they has made good on their promise to save her, no matter what; these six “A-Keys” had been taught by her and many others in all manners of subjects, since they were five years old. They, like all of their classmates, proved to be apt pupils.

But for now, there was work to be done…..

[*a highly-modified B-1 Lancer]


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