Igeax, the Lord of the Fiery Apex

– 150′ at the shoulder, 200′ from nose to tail

– Breath weapon: blue-fire speckled with gold dots (range – 100′)

– Black and white triangular near-diamond hard scales, space-black wings. Large silver horns, Mouth able to split open to give more coverage to breath weapon.

– – Originally terrorized a star of which he is named after, was banished to Earth sometime during the 500s and landed in a mountain range in Norway, which came to be called the “Fiery Apex.” His subsequent exploits of battling elder giants garnered the attention of the Asgardians, in particular, Thor. For several months thereafter, the two clashed throughtout Europe, often forcing other deities to intervene to protect their homelands. All the while, Thor was pondering as to why this dragon was so determined to destroy giants, and demanded Igeax tell him the reason for his violence. Eventually, Igeax relented, and finally explained the reason for his actions.

He had been part of a rebellion against a cloud titan turned full-fledged god, and fought dozens of his cloud, star, and nova giants in order to free himself and the few remaining dragons of his kind from the cloud titan’s bondage. The cloud titan, seeing Igeax as the greatest threat, then used a wormhole to banish Igeax to Earth. Upon landing on Earth, he spoted a bevy of giants and assumed they were agents of the cloud titan sent to finish him off, so instinctively attacked them out of self-perseveratiob. 

Igeax then apologized and promised to leave Earth and never return. Thor saw no reason for this, as all of Igeax’s attacks were focused solely and not the surrounding countryside, and invited him to stay, but also told him of a planet nearby where Igeax could find more of his own people. Ecstatic, Igeax thanked Thor and immediately departed into Space.

He may be able to save his home and above all, his people, after all. 


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