– – A mysterious weapon discovered by Zo and Jupiter Teros. The duo discovered the weapon in a siege troop carrier circling Neptune, of which Zo quickly recognized the markings on the carrier as those of the Sovereign Alliance. There were clear signs of a battle as bullets and blast holes riddled the carrier, along with seventeen dead bodies, one of whom was carrying a rather curious firearm. Upon further inspection, Zo realized this soldier was defending the carrier from the other sixteen assailants, and told Jupiter to help him find out why. Other than the seventeen bodies and the pilot, the carrier was empty save for one safe. Jupiter tore open the safe, and removed a small metal box with locks on two sides. With that done, Zo pried open the Sovereign Alliance’s soldier hand, removed the firearm, and thoroughly examined the gun, and decided to take it with him.

The duo then flew back to Earth and met up with the Universal Force to figure out what the deal is with the gun the soldier was using, as Zo’s examination of the gun surprised him greatly. The gun was about the size of a Sig Sauer P226 Mk25, but with a longer barrel. It held 15 bullets, and was made out of some manner of hyperdense alloy. Its most interesting feature was the micro-factory embedded close to the end of the gun. It apparently fabricated more bullets whenever the gun ran dry, and quite quickly as well. The bullets themselves equally an enigma; they resembled 9mm rounds, but hit with the 1.5x the force of a .50 caliber round, with equal kickback. It also had a curious under-barrel attachment that, when pulled, fired a small ball of plasma that exploded with the force of a claymore mine. Overall, a highly sophisticated and powerful weapon.

Jester asked Zo what he planned on doing with the gun and, for Zo, it was simple: give it to a warrior worthy of using it. He gave Capt. Aero a ring and asked if he had anybody in mind; one name sprang to Aero’s mind. A young super-soldier named Miska. Often called the “Wolf Spider” and the “Huntsman,” Miska had proven himself on battlefields around the world and earned the respect of the U.S. and European military, and thus was given the gun by Capt. Aero personally. Miska has been using the firearm ever since, to great effect.

On a side note, Zo took it upon himself to give the Sovereign Alliance soldier a proper burial at Arlington, burying the box he was protecting along with him, still locked. He was then told be Capt. Aero that Miska had decided to give his new firearm a name…a rather odd one, but one befitting the place of its discovery.



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