– Victorious Bow, Battleworn Spear, Glorious Staff, Stalwart Blade, Towering Greatsword, Invincible Shield, Grieving Hammer, Hateful Spear, Savage Gauntlet, & Venomous Knife.

A group of beings who represent the aspects and attitudes of certain weapons. They have existed for thousands of years and have been on hundreds of battlefields throughout the cosmos, absorbing the strength of every weapon attuned to them. To aid them in their pursuits, the members of Graythorn periodically seek out and take on disciples. These disciples are always exceptional warriors and further trained to their maximum potential. In addition, these warriors are augmented with divine energy to forge them into instruments of battle worthy of their masters’ reputations.

As a result of their immense experience and skill, few can match them, not even some deities, however, there are those select few who could give them a real challenge. One of those few was the great Kilronian warrior known as the Iron Killer. The Iron Killer has only met three of the members of Graythorn, but he made quite the impact nonetheless.

The first among Graythorn to meet the Iron Killer was Towering Greatsword. Towering Greatsword was renowned for its immense strength, skill, and near-invulnerability. It had heard of the Iron Killer upon hearing about his fight with Anian, a god of science, so it decided to track him down and see if the story was true. It eventually found the Iron Killer training on Neptune, and challenged the Iron Killer to a test of martial skill. Not one to turn down a fight, especially from one so powerful, the Iron Killer accepted. In the midst of the incredible cold, the two warriors fought for well over an hour, matching each other with near perfection. Eventually, the two stopped, acknowledged each other’s abilities, and parted ways, but that would not to be the end of it as Invincible Shield caught wind of this fight, and decided to test the Iron Killer himself.

Following the Iron Killer’s trail stemming from Neptune, Invincible Shield eventually located the Iron Killer in the Ring Nebula. Situated on a planetary battlecruiser, along with Bori (the Iron Killer’s chief disciple), Fi’nen, and the Sun Killer (the Iron Killer’s wife), the Iron Killer was just minding his business, happy to be reunited with his friends, and hoping to enjoy a bit of relaxation. This was not to be. Upon locating the star they were orbiting, Invincible Shield landed on the port hull and began to burn through said hull by super-heating the edge of his round shield and into it. Immediately upon getting through, Invincible Shield was attacked by Bori, of whom he easily repelled due to his superior strength and skill which, in turn, led Fi’nen to get involved, forcing Invincible Shield to re-strategize. Invincible Shield knew of Fi’nen as well and attempted to shatter Fi’nen’s legendary flamberge, but Fi’nen had other plans. The two fought through several layers of the battlecruiser, each attempting to break the other’s resolve by any means at their disposal.

As expected, neither would relent.

Infuriated, Invincible Shield told Fi’nen that his reason was to challenge the one who equaled Towering Greatsword and demanded to fight him. Upon hearing this, the Iron Killer quickly said no, as the method of Invincible Shield’s challenge was completely dishonorable.

Initially, Invincible Shield was livid at this rebuttal, but swiftly understood what he had done. He had been far too hasty and promised to challenge the Iron Killer properly in the future. That being said, Invincible Shield departed and the four Kilronians proceeded to repair their ship and continue their journey.

Upon returning home, the Iron Killer decided to do some research and find out just who this mysterious opponent was. He didn’t have to look too far, as one of his fellow warriors had already faced one of these beings sometime ago. Ishmael, a high chieftain from the Ghost Clan, had fought one of the more vicious members of Graythorn a little over a decade ago; known as Hateful Spear, this being was infamous for its unneeded brutality and utter disregard for honor. As such, Ishmael and many others sought to destroy this beast once and for all, for it was causing entirely too much destruction.

After several weeks of hunting, Ishmael eventually found Hateful Spear in the midst of a conflict on Gamma Ursae Majoris, battling against both the indigenous people and a squadron of “Oebloxir,” a type of super-soldier created by the Planetorians. The Planetorians were attempting to farm the star for fuel, but the denizens of the star refused wholeheartedly. Hateful Spear was thoroughly enjoying the bloodshed, and decided to fight both sides to amuse itself. Ishmael would have none of it, and proceeded to intercept Hateful Spear before he could do anymore harm. Hateful Spear, on the other hand, happily accepted its new opponent and attacked with abandon. The two clashed all over the battlefield, with Hateful Spear constantly transforming its weapon from one form to another, thus infuriating Ishmael and giving Hateful Spear a slight advantage. Undeterred, Ishmael ignited his greatsword with blue and orange flames and swung a wide arc, rattling Hateful Spear’s weapon and forcing it to change its strategy. Not one to waste an opening, Ishmael hit Hateful Spear with a series of roundhouse kicks and punches, pushed it back towards space, and blasted it towards the upper atmosphere. Hateful Spear refused to be beaten so easily and forced Ishmael back toward Gamma Ursae with a powerful thrust from its weapon (now in the form of a military fork). The two raced back towards each other, but were caught in the crossfire of the two warring armies, and were given no choice but to retreat. Hateful Spear promised his new enemy that they would battle again, and that it would triumph. With that, Hateful Spear teleported away, and Ishmael made his way back to Dis’abysl.

Upon being told this, the Iron Killer ventured to Orion’s Belt to speak with Memnon (this same Memnon who had fought and, supposedly, died in the Trojan War)), and was told by him that the stories surrounding Graythorn stretched back much, much further than anyone knew. How much further, he could not say for sure. The one thing he did know is that they supposedly fought with, and were defeated by, the current Supreme Being. The Iron Killer thanked Memnon for his help and promised to check on his daughter Opyekemi, currently living with the Disronian Hilaron on Celestia VIII. Armed with this new information, the Iron Killer went back on the hunt, hoping to find definitive proof of these beings’ true purpose.

His search would take him all over the cosmos, and bring him face-to-face with, undoubtedly, the most dangerous among Graythorn….

– To be continued….
— “Graythorn” main weapon manifestations:

– Victorious Bow:
heavy crossbow (repeating)

– Battleworn Spear:

– Glorious Staff:
bo staff
3-section staff

– Stalwart Blade:

– Towering Greatsword:
bidenhander / zweihander

– Invincible Shield:
tower shield
heavy round shield / aspis
spiked shield

– Grieving Hammer:
throwing hammer
holy water sprinkler / morningstar
heavy flail
splitting maul
bec de corbin
horseman’s pick
lucerne hammer

– Hateful Spear:
heavy lance
iron spike
military fork

– Savage Gauntlet:
spiked gauntlet
cestus (armored)

– Venomous Knife:
trench knife
punching dagger
bowie knife
long dagger

– The Master Throne:


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