Rising Tide

– A battleaxe forged some 220 years ago by Kaan, a primordial shapeshifter sometime known as Proteus. Crafted from adamantine and veiled iron and etched with gold, this potent weapon first saw use against a most unreasonable foe: the shark god, Kawaze i.e. “He Who Eats.”

The 250′ long armored Megalodon had been terrorizing the Pacific Ocean for over 4 months its effort to destroy Pele and her fellow deities. The battles between them had caused cataclysmic damage – earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes nearing eruption, wildfires – all to maintain a balance between the land and sea.

Most unfortunate.

At the time, Kaan was sailing aboard the SMS Crimson Storm, a Spainish frigate, serving as Quartermaster and navigator, when he and the crew were suddenly caught in the middle of a planar storm, of which Kaan knew the source. Kaan was among the oldest sentient beings on Earth and had seen more than enough to know that two powerful deities were at war; as such, he decided to intervene.  Making his way to the lower decks, he unlocked a large chest he had brought with him and pulled out a magnificent axe – gleaming and byzantine –  this tool’s purpose was evident.

The rest of the crew watched in utter disbelief as Kaan stepped onto the bow of the ship and leapt on the massive shark god. Kawaze immediately unleashed one of the horse-sized parasites hidden within its hide and the aberration attacked with near-mindless fury. Kaan dodged and parried every strike, all the while paying close attention to Pele herself. Pele decided to use this little distraction to strike a telling blow against Kawaze via a bolt of molten lava and lightning, rattling both Kawaze and Kaan. Kawazw was now thoroughly annoyed and wanted no more part of this foolishness, so it utilized a type of mystical technique known as “Runic Mechanics,” and unleashed a set of “Armored Gears” from a series of pocket dimensions. These giant gears were covered in glowing silver runes and radiated unbelievable amounts of energy, palpable to even the crew of the Crimson Storm.

These gears proceeded to break apart and an intricate series of parts began to interlock around them. Kaan knew this was bad and finished off the blood parasite as quickly as he could, then leapt back onto the Crimson Storm, knowing he would need some space. Both Kawaze and Pele sensed his intention, and refused to allow themselves to be subject of such folly. The gears had finished forming the massive mecha they built around, which meant Kawaze was done holding back and sought a total victory, of which Pele would not make so easy.

She proceeded to utilized a type of magic known to most deities as the “Chimera Jail,” named such for its ability to “lock” a being’s mind, body, and soul and immobilize them in every sense of the word. Pele conjured the most potent variation of the spell she could and unleashed it, literally freezing Kawaze mid-swim (along with his golems), which gave Kaan the slight opening he needed. Focusing his energies into his axe, Kaan once again leapt from the Crimson Storm and plunged Rising Tide into Kawaze’s skull. Kawaze was slightly hurt, but was far more angered as he shattered the “Chimera Jail” and viciously attacked both Pele and the Crimson Storm with bolts of blood magic. Pele blocked as many of the bolts as she could but was blasted in the chest and sent flying into the ocean, while the Crimson Storm endured heavy damage to its hull. Kaan quickly used his magical skill to repair as he could, and immediately told the crew of the Crimson Storm it was time to vacate, as this fight was getting too dangerous, and the crew need not be risked for something that did not concern them.

Kawaze noticed this and made his own way back to the sea, passing Pele and telepathically informing her that they would finish their fight another day.

With that, both deities departed and the crew of the Crimson Storm had quite the story to tell.

Unbeknownst to any of the parties involved, the planar storm and ensuing conflict had unearthed an immensely powerful artifact known as “Soulsilver.” This artifact had been used thousands of years ago to defeat and imprison the Leviathan, one of Jehovah/God’s creations, albeit with extreme difficulty. The unearthing of “Soulsilver” also alerted the very entity who used it to defeat the Leviathan – the Spear of the Flowing Heavens. The being knew that this weapon needed to be reacquired and hidden, or else catastrophic events could unfold….


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