In the pursuit of the martial…

High-Powered Battle Emulator:
– A type of bioroid engineered for maximum combat potential. Able to analyze, process, and fully emulate almost any external fighting style, these constructs have proven to be quite dangerous in the field. Created some 3,000 years ago by the ever-inventive Planetorians, the Battle Emulators proved to be a problem for the peoples of Africa, Asia, and Europe as they were integrated into their societies and fought in their wars.

Initially, the only flaw in their design was that when the Emulators reached their zenith, they transformed into a blue-tinted version of their muscle-skeletal systems, thus revealing their true nature. The Planetorians anticipated this, and installed a fail-safe that generated a new “sheath” that allows the Battle Emulator to blend in again; though this took days to week to complete. Over the centuries, the Planetorians continued to refined and improve the Battle Emulator design, eventually culminating in an anomaly called  “Redlock.” Redlock resembled the typical Battle Emulator at the time of its creation, but soon distinguished itself by its victories against not only human opponents, but monsters. Redlock defeated centaurs, werewolves, vampires, gargoyles, drakes, and even dragons with its bare hands, which both interested and worried its creators. The Battle Emulators were meant to fight in human conflicts against human adversaries, not beasts capable of destroying towns and small cities. As such Redlock had to be dealt with.

The Planetorians found and reactivated (so to speak) an older model living in Rome whom they knew would be up to the task, one aptly named “Jehlani (Strong).” Jehlani had been on Earth for 81 years and participated in WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the 1st Congo War, and was tremendously skilled and incredibly powerful. He was contacted by the Planet Soldier “Dig” and was informed about the problem that needed to be solved.

Armed with only its fists, Jehlani tracked Redlock to Chicago, where Redlock was tracking a target of its own: a were-jaguar who had been moonlighting as a debt collector/bodyguard for a local mafioso. Jehlani wasted no time when it found Redlock, who had become a bodyguard itself to get closer to its target; he kicked through the driver’s side door (crippling the driver), and proceeded to yank Redlock out of the limo it was trying to guard. With a devious grin on its face, Redlock broke Jehlani’s grip and attempted to throw Jehlani through the pavement. Jehlani would have none of it, and reversed the grapple, and then threw an elbow at Redlock’s midsection. Redlock saw this coming, proceeded to push the elbow aside, and threw a roundhouse kick, which was blocked and countered with a lunging punch. Seeing that this was going nowhere, the two Battle Emulators agreed to meet at a neutral location, one where their skills could be put to a true test. Being in Chicago, they settled on the most appropriate place — the Willis Tower.

Several days later, the two met in the parking garage of the Willis Tower and immediately went to work. Each and every strike, throw, counter, and block was executed with near-mathematical precision and total efficiency, just as their creators intended. As time passed, the two Battle Emulators made their way to the lobby, destroyed the front desk, kicked in the elevator doors, dodged the gunfire of the security guards, and finally arrived at the 2nd floor. They found an office complex to exploit and proceeded to demolish every workstation, door, wall, and vending machine in their attempt to best one another. The two had been fighting for over twenty-seven minutes, but could not gain any kind of advantage. With that, the two stopped and Redlock inquired about Jehlani’s “visit” to Chicago. He told Redlock that their creators had contacted “him” with the express wish to exterminate Relock with extreme prejudice.

Redlock was shocked. Why would its creators want it dead? Simple…

Redlock’s immense physical prowess drove its creators to stop “him,” to find someone or something with the ability to destroy “him,” so they wound up sending Jehlani to finish the job. Knowing this, Redlock asked Jehlani if “he” still wanted to fulfill their creators’ wishes. Jehlanu smiled and bid Redlock farewell. Redlock paused a moment, and went back to the hunt it had begun, awaiting its creators’ next assassin, knowing that the next challenge would be far more deadly….


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