Sooth the cordial beast..

~~ Here are a few of my characters and their respective “theme songs”:

The Caged Mind — “Hunger Nothing” (Position Music)

Capt. Aero — “Screaming Eagles” and “Price of a Mile” (both by Sabaton); Can you take me high enough?” (Damn Yankees)

Burilel Minuse — “Breather your life into me” (Red);  “Spiritus Domini” (Gregorian Chant)

Silence — “Argon” (ReallySlowMotionMusic)

Space Bolt — “Destroy the Giant” (Position Music)

Miska Antonoff — “An Elegant Death” (Position Music); “Leningrad” (Billy Joel)

Zo — “Pluto Reborn” (James Paget); “Fury” (Iconic Audio); “Brute” (Daniel Beijbom)

The Royal Guardian — “Battle of the Colossus” (C21 FX); “Displacer” (Position Music)

The Iron Killer — “Ironheart” (Two Steps from Hell); “Dragon War” (Louis Viallet); “Temple of Warriors” (C21 FX); “Battlescars” (Epic North Music)

Celestial Fighter 5 — “Sound of Silence”(Gregorian Cover of Simon and Garfunkel); “Liberators” (Epic Score); “Fighter” (Crystal Strings)

Top Hat — “The Lonely Bull” (Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass)

The Gravity Killer — “Gravity Begins” (Gordon McGhie)

Lee Yin Di Ni — “Xian” (Antti Martikainen)

Weather Pattern — “Way of the Sword” (Peter Roe)

Kana — “Strike of the Ninja” (Dragonforce)

Axemaster Dis — “From Ashes” (Antti Martikainen)

—- To be continued…



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