A few more plots to ponder…

~ ~ Potential Storylines:

Golden Lion/Nova:
– A highly advanced athletics complex utilized by the Zoo Infantry to train their elite troops and their children. The massive complex is equipped with “gravity-induced” pull-up bars, dip stations, kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells. It is also equipped with a fully-functional gymnastics facility, including pommel horses, rings, and a very large springboard floor. The complex also serves as a school of martial arts for several prominent styles: Judo (battlefield), Karate, Kung Fu, Catch Wrestling, Kali, Boxing (American and abroad), Pankration, Escrima, Capoeria, Muay Boran/Thai, Kuta, and Silat.

Shining Atom Systems:
– A group of highly-advanced machines used to defend the whole of planet Earth and all of its neighboring planets in our Solar System. Resembling large representations of atom clusters, these beautiful automatons are capable of extracting vast amounts of energy from the surrounding molecules and projecting it in any number of ways. Given to Earth’s heroes by the Shapers as a gesture of friendship, these magnificent machines have helped defend the entire Solar System for well over 40 years.

– An experiment born of “Project: Starglory.” After WWII, the US government had a shortage of super-powered beings working for them; some had went back home, most were killed…so, they had to make more. Using blood and tissue samples acquired (and stolen) from the members of “Total Patrol,” they created a creature with Capt. Aero’s and Silver Agent’s physical and mental abilities, the Killing Machine’s regenerative abilities, and Sgt. Strike’s near-invulnerability. The end-result was a consummate fighting machine capable of excelling in any environment. It was used throughout the ’60s and ’70s, in such places as Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America. Shortly after the Vietnam War, Battleborn was reactivated and sent after the remaining members of “Black September,” but disappeared shortly afterwards. Its current whereabouts are unknown, but there have been reports of someone resembling “him” around Central America…

Grand Team Giant Ranger:
– A well-known Sentai team that appeared in the 1980s. Capable of growing 70′ tall, these heroes did much of the fighting in Europe during the 2nd “War of the Gods.” Like most of the other Sentai teams that sprouted up around the world during the 70s and 80s, G.T.G.R. made a name for themselves combating colossal beasts / minor kaiju that suddenly began terrorizing the expanse of Europe. Along with their ability to grow larger, they could also utilize their mecha as a suit of powered armor, making them even more effective. These powerful tools allowed them to fight the minions of the titans as equals and save Europe.

Machine Devil Unit:
– A group of advanced androids used in conjunction with the R Fighters (“Team R”). They gained there name through a series of brutal missions that resulted in a great deal of bloodshed in places where Americans (or their machines) were not meant to tread. They were based on the “Monstro,” “Excello,” and “Rudu” designs, and so thus, they would be used to cause much destruction in very little time.

Bio Fleet Alpha:
– A battalion of biological robots used by Lord Nightmare. These hundred-foot tall machines have been used in Nightmare’s various campaigns with the F.O.H. Equipped with multi-particle missiles, various cannons, and a heavy siege rifle, these war machines were able to face just about anything. That is, until they met the Solarites…

Imperial Engine Knights:
– A small group of large mechanical suits utilized by the chief bodyguards of the Solarite emperor. Numbering only 80, they have successfully defended the emperor for the last 800 years. Their most celebrated moment came when they defeated the mighty “Bio Fleet Alpha” during an attempted planetary invasion; for days they fought, but the Solarites stood firm and saved their world.

Elemental Quigong:
– A martial technique that combines the arts of Golden Bell and Iron Body Quigong with the four elements. Invented in the 1100s by a learned warrior-priest in India who had recently returned from China.

Volt Titan:
– A class of construct used by Lord Mercuria. Made to resemble the heroic statues of Greece, these 6-to-7′ tall machines are exceptionally powerful melee combatants who are capable of holding their own against a fully-armed battalion for an extended period of time. Initially used against Astra Denca’s “Hall of Dragons,” they proved quite effective against the installation’s incredible defenses, but were defeated by the mysterious “Brimstone Raptor.”


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