Hewn from scarred hands…

The Great Divide:
– Residing on Saturn, the Great Divide is a massive canyon hewn by the conflict between two mighty beings many thousands of years in the past. While the names of the combatants involved has been debated for decades, one thing is certain…the destruction they caused was cataclysmic and everlasting. Spanning 30 miles long and 550 ft. wide, the Great Divide has proven itself to be an ultimate challenge to even the finest and strongest of warriors due to the tremendous amount of magic and ancient technology left over from the conflict, as well as the beasts that have proven themselves strong enough to survive there. It is because of the difficulty of survival, overall scarcity of life, near-total silence, and its looming, sweeping mountains, that the Great Divide has garnered a more ominous name: the Voiceless Peaks. The silence, in addition to the constant threat of danger, has driven some mad within moments of arrival, however, those who do make to the end are to be both respected and feared…



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