Family is an odd thing…

These are among the more obscure clans of the Disronians and Kilronians. Most people either don’t know they exist or only know of them vaguely.

1) The Silver Sun Clan (Disronian):
– The Silver Suns were yet another experiment by Grammaton to combine Disron DNA with another, equally potent strand of DNA. In this case, she chose the DNA of pit lords, as their incredible strength, power, durability, and willpower made them prime candidates for her new creation. After many months of trial & error, she met with success. The end-result resembled typical Disronians, with the exception of having eyes with silver and gold pupils. Their actual creation was simple enough, it was the task of quelling the fury of the pit lords’ inherent nature that took so long. The Silver Suns have proven to be quite fearsome, almost rivaling the Dream Clan in power & skill.

2) The Winter’s Echo Clan (Kilronian):
– The Winter’s Echo is a sub-clan created by Barkayel as his personal assassination squad. Like the Silver Suns, they also have demonic blood running through their veins. Combining the DNA of ice demons (“Frosts”) and Kilronian DNA, he created a truly potent mix of strength, intelligence, agility, and ruthlessness. They live in a pocket dimension of gentle perpetual snowfall, and acres of large full-grown trees flush with red and blue-rimmed leaves. The clan itself is reserved, simplistic, and rustic, relying on their skills to expand their training and further their newly-formed society. Their signature weapons are the kukri, longspear, light hammer, and shuriken, all forged from a unique snow-white steel that retains a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius constantly.

3) The Razored Cross Clan (Kilronian):
– The Razored Cross is an oft-mentioned but seldom seen clan in the northern hemisphere of Dis’abysl. They are the original founders of the Knife/Murder Clan, as well as the creators of the “Million Cuts” fighting style. After the creation of the Knife/Murder clan, the founders moved on to explore the rest of the planet and outer space. While mostly a peaceful people, the Razored Cross clan could be extremely violent when pushed, and many a foe have learned that the hard way. Their prototypical version of the “Million Cuts” was almost as refined as the later variants; this style utilized light armor covered in strategically-placed spikes & razors, as well as heavy, half-sharpened blades which made this style incredibly brutal. It was also encompassed with powerful punching, kicking, elbow, jumping, throwing, and ground techniques.

4) The Shining Comet Clan (Disronian):
– The Shining Comet clan is a relatively new clan founded on a comet about the size of Chicago that orbits Celestia IV. During a typical day, Grammaton noticed a comet flying by the planet and, after scanning it, realized it was rich in minerals and metals (both functional and precious), so she decided to put a small group (400+) on the comet to fully utilize the resources for the betterment of the Disronian race. After 20 years, the settlement had flourished with a population of 9,500 (more decided to migrate), and a booming mining and starship repair trade soon followed. They have also garnered a reputation for their greater-than-normal strength and endurance (due to higher gravity), which has allowed them to mine or repair large starship for days on end.


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