Every scar will define my legacy…

Operation — Black Hour:
– The United States is under attack. the President had been assassinated, and all heads of state are under the strictest of protection. The assailants are a former spec ops team turned terrorist outfit known as the “Desert Panthers.”

Three teams handpicked from the best of the United States Special Forces are deployed to intercept the “Desert Panthers” before they could unleash a “Stoan Destroyer” (a prototype mecha armed with warp fusion cannons reverse-engineered from a hijacked Navigator spacecraft). Leading the charge is one of America’s best — Capt. Gabriel Kristallander. A member of the Navy SEALs and DEVGRU, Kristallander has been involved in some of the most dangerous conflicts the world has seen over the last few years, and as a result, gained what the Spec Ops community call a “Scar.” His “Scar” was surviving a battle against an abomination known as a “Silent Hound of Ithacar.” This monster was strategically destroying various research facilities in its search for a mystical weapon belonging to its master; eventually its search led it to a prison for supernatural beings known as the “Blacktomb Institute,” which was infamous for housing the last known “Great Immolating Piercer.” Capt. Kristallander was sent along with a dozen SEALs to intercept this monster before it could do too much damage and potentially release the horrors contained within the prison. The captain made no bones about his plan – kick the door down and kill the creature, no matter what.

Over the course of several hours, Kristallander and his team endured the moans, screams, claws, and energy bolts of many of the beasts that resided in Blacktomb, losing several men along the way, but nevertheless they endured. Eventually, they found the “Silent Hound,” only to find that it wasn’t as monstrous as they thought; in fact, it was completely the opposite. The “Silent Hound” was a tall, well-built humanoid decked out in a single, seamless piece of flexible black and grey armor and carrying what looked like a two-bladed sword. It looked over at Kristallander and his remaining team with a ferocious, yet focused gaze, and pounced with a grace virtually unheard-of outside of the supergene community. Kristallander and his team fought the creature with absolute fervor, but took casualties nonetheless. After only a few short minutes, Kristallander was the only one left. The “Silent Hound” quickly realized that Kristallander was not like the others, that he had been “changed.” The “Silent Hound”was correct – Kristallander had been augmented via the newly-reactivated “Starglory” program, thus allowing him to thrive in the field. Knowing this, the “Silent Hound” crouched into an unusual fighting stance, and aimed its weapon at Kristallander; Kristallander put down his rifle, unsheathed his machete, and prepared to attack. For a single minute, the two warriors ducked, dodged, and slashed but Kristallander came out the victor…just barely. With that finished, Kristallander collected his rifle, whatever ammo he could salvage, and the “Silent Hound’s” two-bladed sword. However, Kristallander didn’t come away unscathed. In that single moment of combat with the “Silent Hound,” both combatants managed to cut each other deeply several times…both mentally and physically. Kristallander was deeply affected by this conflict, but fought on still.

Back to the present, Kristallander and the other Special Forces teams were making their way towards the site in Washington DC the Desert Panthers had carved out as the makeshift headquarters, and the first thing he noticed was that the Panthers had been recruiting. Initially the Desert Panthers had 50 men on their team, but it had seemingly ballooned to over 150. Not the greatest of odds, but Kristallander would have it no other way. Upon nearing their destination, Kristallander and the other teams quickly HALO jumped from their plane, landed, and immediately went to work. It took them eight hours and cost them twenty-six men, but Kristallander and his fellow operators succeeded. The Universal Force was called in to retrieve and store the massive “Stoan Destroyer,” while Capt. Kristallander and his fellow operators were flown home, debriefed and hailed as heroes. Nonetheless, the captain’s “scar” remains….



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