The rage of a planet…

Dust, Sculptor of the Burning Sun:
– A truly legendary and tremendous destructive weapon utilized by Sol, our Solar System’s very own sun. Built over the course of centuries, this weapon is composed of several dozen constructs forged to resemble shapes from sacred geometry, all of which were chosen for maximum effectiveness. Each and every construct that made up the “dust” was forged from various types of orichalcum, infused with both pure solar energy and dark matter, and then had every edge and angle honed to molecule-level sharpness, thus creating weapons worthy of the fields they would be wielded upon.

The name “dust” is a bit of a misnomer as the constructs themselves ranged from the size of an average human to that of an aircraft carrier, and were known to hit with the force of 100 tons of TNT (at the least). The exact reason for their creation is sketchy, but one thing is clear: these constructs were once used to wage war against a mighty starship known as the “Brave Zenith.” The Brave Zenith was nearly a mile long and was plated with a metal known as “Windtalon Adamantine,” a metal that reflected almost any impact with a hyper-sonic boom, and was immensely durable. It was also armed with fusion, meson, x-ray, and smart light weapons, thus adding to its lethality. Its creator and sole occupant was a deity known as Ibum, a god of labor/work. His title was odd, but his divine work ethic gave him near-inexhaustible strength and vitality, in addition to a mind ripe for innovation.

The reason for Ibum’s and Sol’s feud was Sol’s hand in the destruction of the Martian civilization, something that caused no end of strife for the last few centuries and force Ibum’s hand, as he had aided the Martian people in building their domed cities. Upon hearing about the devastation on Mars, Ibum immediately “jumped” to Mars, surveyed the damage, and determined that Sol had to answer for the violence it had caused. Shortly after his arrival, he was met by the Sunwalker, Sol’s chief warrior, and immediately went on the defensive; he had every intention of exacting justice. The Sunwalker pounced upon Ibum and tried to break Ibum’s hammer (and the hand that was wielding it), to which Ibum responded by slamming said hammer in the Sunwalker’s chest, sending him flying into Cydonia. Undeterred, the Sunwalker resumed his attack, but Ibum was nowhere to found; he had already began the reconstruction of the Martian cities. The Sunwalker searched the planet, eventually finding Ibum willing “Glance,” his hammer, to rebuild one of the mining colonies destroyed in Sol’s initial attacks.

The Sunwalker would have none of it. He rained down bolts of solar energy upon and around Ibum, distracting him long enough for the Sunwalker to teleport behind and attempt to subdue Ibum.

It was not to be.

Ibum grabs the Sunwalker, shoulder throws him into the newly-formed crater under their feet, and raised “Glance” to crush him. The Sunwalker phased out of the way, and swung his greatstaff towards Ibum, but Ibum blocked the strike, and hit the Sunwalker with a punch backed by “velocity runes.” These “velocity runes” allowed the punch to move at ultrasonic speeds, thus blasting another crater into the ground, and throwing the Sunwalker back over a mile. Mildly annoyed, Ibum decided to take the fight to Sol, rather than keep battling his underlings. So he teleported back to his starship and “jumped” towards Sol, who was waiting….

– To be continued…



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