May the best planet win…

Solar Ball:
– Solar Ball is a football-like sport that has been popular among the Seven Spaceways for over sixty years.

Combining rules and techniques similar to both football and Sebbkha / Pankration / MMA, Solar Ball is incredibly brutal and very entertaining. The most obvious participants are Notes, Disronians, Kilronians, Solarites, and Planet Soldiers, but Shapers and Salatons have found their way onto the field. The field is composed of solid light, steel barricades, and good, old fashioned dirt. The ball is around the size of a bowling ball, makes a distinctive “zing” sound when thrown, and glows brightly; the color of the ball indicates the importance of the game being played:

– yellow: typical game
– red: semi-finals
– orange: finals
– blue-white: championship
– white: multi-world championship

The key to victory is simple — throw the ball into the opposing team’s net, each goal equals two points, the first team to score twenty points wins.

In matches between Disronians and Kilronians or Solarites and Planet Soldiers, there is an incredible amount of violence and destruction, with fists, feet, elbows, knees, and energy blasts flying everywhere. Championship matches are always guaranteed sell-outs as the players are not just athletes but true warriors, so the fights that are typical of the sport become practically legendary.

In fact, quite a few famous warriors have played:
– Horik Njalson
– The Iron Killer
– The Knight Destroyer
– The Mountain Killer
– The Chained Planet
– Zo
– Drone
– Tempus Grim
– H Gold
– Mr. Element
– Prof. Cubidor

For the most part, the end result of most games has been peaceful, seeing as the majority of the races involved have been embroiled in war for centuries, but is the occasional after-game conflict…



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