The cosmos can be a most perplexing place….

The Iron Killer:

age – 961,750
height – 6’4″
weight – 210 lbs
eyes – brown
hair – black/brown

~ ~ ~  Possessions:

Praecordia Ferrea (“the Heart of Iron”):
~ a longspear forged from iron ore the Iron Killer found on a comet residing within the Oort Cloud. Unusually strong, the Iron Killer shaped this large piece of iron into a weapon that is as legendary as its wielder.

Mens Ex Auro (“the Mind of Gold”)
~ a short sword with a blade seemingly made of burnished gold, but was far stronger and infinitely sharper.

— The Iron Killer is among the most powerful and unarguably one of the most infamous Kilronians to ever live. One of the oldest living Kilronians, he built his reputation and strength through constant battle, forcing himself to find and face the strongest the cosmos had to offer. The centuries flew by as his power and skill increased, as did his perchance for mischief. He would purposely instigate fights between demigods to bed their wives, he would forge rings of power and give them to corrupt generals to make a war more interesting…the list is endless.

But one act in particular stands out as one of his finest: the killing of a godslayer…or that’s what the legends say.

This godslayer had at least 162 kills to her name, and had gained a portion of their power every time, making her exceptionally powerful and tremendously skilled. Tymora, as she was known, had established a large citadel to hold all the treasure and artifacts she acquired during her many battles and to protects herself from the inevitable retaliation from the various pantheons she had challenged. Its location was known to only a few, but its appearance was immediately recognizable: a black pyramid. It was reminiscent of the stronghold of her former master – the mighty dark god, Nightmare. The “Divine Cleaver,” as he was called, had kept her as a foot soldier and concubine, along with thousands of others used as assassins, disposable spies, and cannon fodder. Eventually, Nightmare grew bored and orchestrated a “rebellion” of sorts, to make things more interesting, and to see who was truly the strongest among his slaves.

Tymora was among those gifted few and fought her way out of the immensely guarded citadel, along with at least forty others. These forty escapees would go to become her most trusted allies and went on to aid her in her quest to hunt down every deity she could. This obsession led to Tymora getting on the Iron Killer’s radar, as she had killed several demi – and quasi – deities which he had called friends. As such, he went on the hunt, with every intention of killing his prey. For several weeks, he tracked her from planet to planet, pantheon to pantheon…following the trail of dead demigods, priests, magical beasts, and divine constructs, eventually finding her on the “paradise” dimension of Viovia. A truly beautiful and majestic place, the Iron Killer was initially perplexed as to why Tymora was here as there were few deities or any manner of divine being in Viovia. As he continued to search, he soon realized it wasn’t a god, goddess, or demigod she was after, but a powerful weapon. Named “Starfall” for its bright glow and the unearthly speeds it could attain, this unusual two-headed throwing hammer was previously owned by Leviye, the Caged Mind, and was used to fell a Great Immolating Piercer. As such, Tymora was very much interested in acquiring it. The weapon was currently in the possession of Taeus, a god of strength and nature, and current protector of Viovia. Knowing this, the Iron Killer immediately made his way to Taeus to warn him of the impending attack. His warning came too late.

Taeus was already fending back an assault from Tymora’s “Earth Slashers,” who were attacking both him and the citadel he was residing. The Iron Killer quickly came to Taeus’ aid, destroying several of the more-than-three-dozen Earth Slashers, and helping Taeus to his feet. Taeus thanked the Iron Killer for his aid, and the two proceeded to deal with the remaining Earth Slashers. Meanwhile, Tymora was silently making her way toward Taeus’ citadel, hoping to acquire “Starfall” without much effort. It was not to be.

The Iron Killer sensed Tymora approaching, and threw the “Heart of Iron” directly at her head. Tymora dodged it only to have the Iron Killer back-fist her more than four meters back, and retrieve his spear. Tymora smirked as she ran back to her feet and charged the Iron Killer in hopes of pushing past him and getting to that citadel. The Iron Killer had other designs for her; namely halting her charge and bringing her head back to his wife as a gift.

Tymora jumped at the Iron Killer, narrowly missing him with her two-bladed sword, swung back around, attempting to take his head, but again missed her target. The Iron Killer parried her swing with the haft of the “Heart of Iron,” sending her reeling long enough for him to side-kick her towards the bejeweled forest. Tymora rolled to her feet, and readied herself, but soon realized she was now in the middle of a dark forest, festooned with gems of various sizes and luminosities. As such, she now had to be on her guard as the Iron Killer could now be anywhere.

She was correct.

The Iron Killer began to strike at Tymora from all manners of angles, with Tymora only able to defend against a few of the attacks; seeing this, the Iron Killer decided to end this.

He tackled Tymora through several large trees and prepared to plunge the “Mind of Gold” into her heart, but Tymora stopped the blade bare-handed, and attempted to turn the blade back to its master. The Iron Killer gently smiled at this, satisfied as his victory was close. Seeing the change in his eyes, Tymora curiously let go of the blade, and asked to see the Iron Killer’s face. As her death was imminent, he obliged her. As his mask fell, Tymora was pleasantly surprised. Then his blade fell. Upon seeing the quintessence flowing from Tymora’s body, the Iron Killer withdrew the “Mind of Gold,” placed his mask back upon his face, and ran back towards the citadel, choosing to leave Tymora’s body intact. Soon after, he and Taeus finished off the rest of Tymora’s minions and saw about the damages to the surrounding area. During the repairs, Taeus inquired as to whether or not Tymora was dead, the Iron Killer remarked she was not. While he had pierced her heart, he would have had to completely destroy her body in order for her to truly be dead, and there was no longer a need for such things; her defeat was enough for her to relinquish her quest, at least for a time.

Taeus smiled and bid the Iron Killer farewell, as his presence was required elsewhere.

As for Tymora, she laid in the bejeweled forest, a serene smile on her face, and a new mission on her mind….



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