Even Satan will envy my cruelty…

The Stormpit:
– A highly advanced and dangerous prison located in the Horsehead Nebula. Meant for the same class of criminal as “1,000 Chains,” the Stormpit has been home to denizens ranging from the bounty hunter/mercenary Diamond Wing to the last living member of the legendary 89th Heavy Tank Regiment, the Armoroid Rynzo.

The prison itself is aptly named; resembling a massive pit some five miles deep, its covered with hundreds of pulse cannons, missile launchers, shield widgets, plasma cannons, and thousands of drone soldiers littered throughout. However, it received its namesake from the colossal shadow photon energy net surrounding the entire complex, a defense mechanism that has become as infamous as the prison itself. Capable of being redirected, manipulated, and shaped, the energy net was as potent a weapon as any, a fact known only to a select few. Its most devious aspect, however, is one spoken of only in whispers…

For its most dangerous prisoners, the Stormpit was fitted with a series of rooms meant to break all but the strongest of criminals, rooms that became the definition of solitude. These rooms, curiously known as ” Spires of the Bells,” have been the source on much conjecture over the course of two hundred years. Those who have been thrown into theses rooms, and survived, have warned others to maintain disciple as best they can, because they wouldn’t  wish this punishment on anyone.

The warden of the Stormpit, Warden Shadow, once took a visitor aside and told in confidence the more devious aspect of the rooms:

  • the criminal is restrained with adamantine arm and leg irons  and neck chains of red force. They are then suspended in the middle of a dark room, darker than space, and are subjected to cacophonous noises of ever-increasing decibels. After several minutes of this “sonic bombardment,” they are then subject to silence…absolute silence. They can’t even hear themselves breathe. This silence can last anywhere from a few minutes to several days, and then the “bombardment” resumes…and each and every criminal placed into one of these rooms is usually left there for several weeks. However, there have been prisoners left in one of the “Spires” for up to four months, and were much more compliant upon release.

Upon hearing this, the visitor told Warden Shadow that Satan would envy your ingenuity.

Warden Shadow chuckled and said “No, he should envy my cruelty.”



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