Strength of the Ages

– Supervarion, the Prototype Titan:

An extraordinarily advanced machine utilized by an unknown race to face the ancient titans.

When rediscovered in 2001, buried in a specialized bunker in Morocco, it shown no signs of deterioration whatsoever and was in perfect working order. The red, silver, and gold armored machine stood over 95′ tall and was a true marvel of technology, an actual representation of anatomy in mechanical form. However, Supervarion was neither a cyborg nor a bioroid.

It was fully mechanical – consisting of cogs, gears, wires, pistons, and plates, but all of which were placed in such a way that they were seamless and allowed for maximum power and agility. The Supervarion had no other weapons secreted on it save a sword hidden in its back, and an unusual weapon in its chest named “Whisker.” “Whisker” resembled its namesake in terms of appearance, but not in terms of strength. It was 15′ long, pitch black, curved, and unbelievably sharp (having been forged by shadowlightning mithral). It was thrown like a boomerang and utterly destroyed anything weaker than itself.

Upon further examination, it was discovered that the ‘Varion had kept an exact record of every battle it had been in due to it having a tri-lobed “positronic” brain of sorts. Upon request, the Varion would tell detailed accounts of battles against titans, dragons, demigods, elementals, sorcerers, and other giant constructs.

As of now, Supervarion has chosen to side with the Sovereign Alliance, as it was built to fight all threats extra-normal. (It turned on a beacon that told them he had been reactivated; as of how they knew of the machine — they’re not talking).

~ ~ ~ Just the facts:

Height – 95 feet

Weight – 174,000 tons (due to extreme density)

Armor – Red, silver, and gold (a combination of Redfang Orichalcum, Mithral, and Jotunium (an alloy of Adamantine and Solar Steel)

  • Has been active for over 18,000 years (according to its databanks)
  • Has fought sea monsters, elementals, demigods, and other constructs
  • Is incredibly well-made; every piece is exactly placed and extraordinarily forged


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