Your death will make me a legend…

Moonsight, Ender of Heroes:
– An infamous weapon utilized by the super-villian known as the “Story Breaker.”

Known for murdering superheroes and costumed heroes with established reputations, the “Story Breaker” remained active for years, raking up a body-count through close combat and their gun, which came to be known as Moonsight. The weapon, a highly modified FN Five-Seven MK2 (with an equally modified “Springfield XD 4.5 45ACP” as back up), garnered its name from the quarter-moon painted on the red-dot sight attached to the weapon.

In time, fourteen exceptional heroes died at the “Story Breaker’s” hand, and the superhero community wanted justice.

Capt. Aero offered to find the murderer himself as some of the heroes and heroines who had been killed were his close friends, as his experience in tracking and eliminating high-level targets worldwide gave him an edge over this monster. Capt. Aero did a bit a of research and found a pattern to the “Story Breaker’s” movements and eventually tracked the killer to Las Vegas. Las Vegas was home to the “Dapper Knuckles,” an established costumed hero with style, flair, and tremendous fighting ability, especially with his arms. Armed with this knowledge, Capt. Aero immediately made his way to Vegas, found D.K., and warned him about the looming threat. Taking the warning to heart, D.K. proceeded to equip himself, and get ready with Capt. Aero’s help. The Story Breaker did a bit of forward thinking themselves and brought a few “tools” for the occasion; namely a British AS50 sniper rifle, a Heckler &Koch HK416 assault rifle, and their trusty “Moonsight.”

However, Capt. Aero and the Dapper Knuckles hadn’t factored one thing into the equation.

The Story Breaker’s ultimate goal was to force out one of the legends, the greatest among all the heroes the Earth had seen. It could’ve been Dr. Voltz, Big Bear, High Fusion, or even Heatwave. None of them chose to come forward, but the Captain did. With a career spanning over fifty years, battles fought across the globe, and a reputation for incredible strength, skill, and precision, Capt. Aero was the perfect target.

The ultimate quarry.

Capt. Aero and the Dapper Knuckles made no bones about their intentions; they called the Story Breaker out, daring him to fight them out in the open.

He didn’t keep them waiting.

Upon hearing this, the Story Breaker opened fire with his sniper rifle, sending explosive rounds towards the Luxor hotel, attempting to end the fight quickly…no such luck. Capt. Aero and D.K. split off and followed the echos of the shots, something the Story Breaker was hoping for. The Story Breaker dropped the sniper rifle and immediately rushed to the street, hoping to meet one or both of his targets in close combat. Ripping “Moonsight” from its holster, the Story Breaker put himself at high-ready, knowing one of his targets was in the building – – hunting and ready to kill on sight. They didn’t have to wait long.

The Dapper Knuckles surprised the Story Breaker, swinging directly at their head. He missed, shattering a nearby door, but was undeterred, as he immediately attempted to hit the Story Breaker with a backhand. The Story Breaker ducked the impeding attack, and tried to aim “Moonsight,” but D.K. quickly grabbed the gun and flipped the Story Breaker onto their back. Capt. Aero came crashing through a window and sprinted towards the two, but the Story Breaker broke the Dapper Knuckle’s grip and tackled him through the nearby fire escape door. The two flew down the stairs of the fire escape, and nearly plummeted to the street below, some four stories down, but Capt. Aero grabbed D.K. first. The Story Breaker swung from the edge of the fire escape and broke through a nearby window, which was accompanied by a scream. Both Capt. Aero and D.K. quickly made their way down to find where that scream came from, but were met with rapid gunfire,  and a frag grenade. Both heroes jumped down the stairs as the grenade exploded, taking a chunk of the floor with it. Undeterred, Capt. Aero slung his shield right through the bullet-riddled door and, upon spotting the Story Breaker, and smashed through the door and elbowed the Story Breaker right through the closest wall. D.K. was there to meet them, and proceeded to suplex the Story Breaker right into the stairwell behind them. The two tumbled down the stairs with Capt. Aero close behind. Taking advantage of the Story Breaker’s brief disorientation, Capt. Aero kicks “Moonsight” out of the Story Breaker’s hands, and pulled the pin of one of the Story Breaker’s frag grenades. Capt. Aero and D.K. jumped back down the stairwell as a massive explosion went off.

When the smoke cleared, the two looked upon the charred corpse of the Story Breaker with contempt and wondered why this person, whoever they are, would kill so many heroes.

Well, no time like the present.

Capt. Aero yanked the Story Breaker’s mask off and was shocked to see a familiar face. It was Lt. William Speirs, a member of BURNstorm who had fought with him in South Africa, and a man he had considered a friend. The violence in South Africa had gotten to Speirs pretty bad and he took some much-needed time off, but a significant toll had been taken. Speirs had remarked that he hated that Supergenes were responsible for a majority of the atrocities he had witnessed, and if it were up to him, he’d kill them all. These very words were the reason for his “time off,” except he eventually disappeared. Now Capt. Aero knows why.

Capt. Aero called Galaxtron for a pick-up, and thanked Dapper Knuckles for his help and told him to keep up the good work. He then handed D.K. “Moonsight” and told him to put it to better use. D.K. smiled, pocketed the weapon, and went about his business as the night was still young and he had crime to stop. Capt. Aero sat on the floor, pondering the death of his friend. Why didn’t he come in? Why didn’t Speirs say something when he saw him?

His mind was completely chaotic.


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