Unblemished imperfection

Black / Dark Aegis:

  • 28′ tall
  • six tons
  • highly advanced robot that doubles as a combat mech
  • wields the I-2 Pugilistic Carbine, a mech-grade rifle that fires 35mm rounds and can be converted into a fist weapon / shield (via a built-in forcefield generator)

Dark Aegis is the penultimate creation of the living planet known as Soanar. Standing at 28 feet and armored in reinforced adamantine, Dark Aegis is a consummate warrior, having participated in numerous campaigns throughout the universe, the results of which “he” earned “him” the respect of the Disronian, Kilronian, and Armoroid peoples.

Unfortunately, “he” and most other inhabitants of Soanar have gained the ire of another mechanical species, the Numerals.  The two races have been in conflict for years, each trying to destroy the other to no avail. The exact reason for their animosity towards each other is unknown, but their rivalry has already been felt across two star-systems. These skirmishes have caused the deaths of hundreds on several planets, and caused all matter of problems for both races — especially in the form of the Planetorians…

At this moment, Dark Aegis is partnered with Talus, an “Utgard”-type, and thus far, they’ve proven to be an effective team. They need to be, for they are being hunted by one of the best hunters the universe has to offer…



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