The Tale of Two Titans

– 4,100 years ago, a battle of truly epic proportions occurred.

Witnessed by Disrons, Kilrons, Solarites, Shapers, and Planetorians, this battle lasted for over two hours and devastated nine miles, and land (hills, mountains, and all). The two combatants were Nexus Prime and Scysix, a pair of behemoths who were already legendary prior to this event.

Nexus Prime was the penultimate creation of the beings who built the Supervarion and the Ocean Saber, and single-handedly crushed elder dragons, nova giants, iron colossi, and even demon lords in the pursuit of its creator’s mission, whatever that may be. Scysix was known throughout the known universe as “Apocalypse,” and for good reason. At 150′ tall and 210′ long, the armor -clad beast was a truly terrible sight and had destroyed three planets in its reign, and said reign was what spurned the creation of Nexus Prime.

Their battle took place on Mars, near Olympus Mons, during which time Mars was still inhabited. The denizens of the area near and around the great mountain were quickly evacuated when it was learned Scysix that was its way. Utilizing their “walking city” technology, the inhabitants of said city distanced themselves from the estimated battle-zone by miles, just in time to avoid the impact of Scysix’s arrival. Two days after the walking city moved, Scysix crash-landed and immediately went looking for something to destroy, which entailed anything in its line-of-sight. Luckily, Nexus was only minutes behind.

The Martians themselves knew that this battle would change the face of their planet, but little did they know they weren’t alone; several Disronian, Kilronians, Shapers, and Planetorians were already on the planet. They were there meeting with the Martian elders to negotiate trade when they all sensed the incoming threat of Scysix. So, like the the Martians, they decided to leave, as this was not their fight, but they would stay close by…just in case.

Scysix began ravaging the surrounding area when Nexus Prime landed on the planet and quickly made its way toward Scysix, who sensed the presence of an opponent who may prove interesting, and it was right. Nexus Prime struck first —  it elbowed Scysix directly in the face, grabbed it by the neck, and threw it into Olympus Mons, sending shockwaves out for miles, but this initial assault only drove the beast on. Nexus Prime attempted to continue its attack, but Scysix unleashed a ring of plasma that pushed Nexus back and blew off a large chunk of Olympus Mons, sending house-sized boulders plummeting to the ground. Fighting fire with fire, Nexus Prime activated its “Demolish” protocol, a wave of pure force fired from its left arm, directly at Scysix, while scoring a line of pulverized earth underneath it. Upon seeing this, Scysix raised its claws and brought them upon the wave, shattering it, and causing all manners of devastation around them. The Disrons, Kilrons, Shapers, and Planetorians bearing witness to this clash were making note of every attack and every bit of destruction for they knew they would eventually have to face one or both of these behemoths sooner or later.

After all these initial attacks, Nexus Prime and Scysix seemingly both decided to end their long-range engagement and proceeded to continue their fight face-to-face.

For the next hour, they attacked each other with everything they had — fist, claw, foot, and horn — neither would relent. Each attack and each step leveled hills, devastated farmland, and sent shockwaves that impacted the ground and surrounding mountain-range with the force of a comet. The Martian people could hardly believe they were witnessing this; their planet being used as a battleground, and their very lives being endangered by a rivalry they had nothing to do with. Eventually, Scysix began to show signs of fatigue, which Nexus capitalized on by activating another of its protocols, this one being “Strengthen.” Numerous pistons and plates reconfigured themselves and locked together to make Nexus’ arms almost solid, and then Nexus began to swing.

Nexus connected twice, actually denting Scysix’s armor and causing a pair of sonic booms that actually parted the clouds above them. Scysix flew back and landed with near meteoric impact, generating a dust cloud nearly a mile high and causing an earthquake that was felt for miles. Nexus Prime was victorious, but the nine miles that the two combatants was completely destroyed. Luckily, none of the Martian people were killed, but they were shaken and wanted both of these giants gone. Nexus Prime, noticing this, threw Scysix on its shoulder and rocketed off the planet. Afterwards, the city that was near Olympus Mons chose a new area to settle and proceeded to rebuild, while the Disrons, Kilrons, Shapers, and Planetorians who were watching began to make their way back to their own homeworlds, all the while, a small group of Solarites were also taking notice themselves and making plans of their own….



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