The Aviator (pt. 1):

Micheal Benton – the Aviator

age – 96 (longevity due to his weapons)
height – 5’10”
weight – 165 lbs
nationality – British

– Demonlock and Gun of Trials (surestriking bloodiron triple-barrelled flintlocks)

Micheal William Benton was a member of the Army Air Corp during WWII and served alongside Capt. Aero and his band of heroes known as the “Total Patrol.” His actions, along with theirs, helped the allies win the war, ending it much quicker than expected. One reason for Michael’s value was his near-unequaled skill in aerial combat, and his equal talent in building and maintaining revolutionary parts and weapons for fighter and cargo planes. The other reason was a pair of flintlock pistols that granted him incredible power, but nearly at the cost of his soul. These two guns, the Gun of Trials and Demonlock, have history going back to the early days of the Golden Age of Piracy and were responsible for hundreds of deaths. Weapons of masterful quality, the origins of these weapons are unclear, but one thing is known for sure, they were forged in hell.

Each and every wielder of these pistols was eventually driven mad and ultimately consumed by these weapons, their very souls being burnt away by the chaotic energies residing within the twin pistols. Now, one would think that a strong enough souls could resist and ultimately control, or discard, the weapons, but the feeling of having such power at their fingertips was too much to resist.

Luckily, Michael was able to resist…somehow.

During his time as a cargo/Airborne pilot, Michael found himself in all sorts of places; one of those places was Fiji. The two pistols were quietly waiting, buried in a massive treasure chest (supposedly made from Supreme Mithril) and were just waiting to be found. No one knows who buried them, but they should’ve stayed buried.

Michael was there for a little R&R, drinking and enjoying the scenery, that is, until the alien bounty hunter Diamond Wing decided to pay Earth a visit. Hot on the trail of the back-piece of a “Multi-Leviathan,” an incredibly power machine that consisted of several individual mecha and was capable of city-wide destruction, Diamond Wing had every intention of collecting the bounty and further solidifying his name. Micheal and his team were just minding their own business when they caught in the middle of hell…

– to be continued….


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