Giant of the East

The Lavitherans are a curious people. Born from the the elements themselves, the Lavitherans have the uncanny, almost infamous, ability to survive in almost any natural environment, and inevitability, thrive. This ability to thrive, and understand their surrounding environment, has allowed them to forge themselves into consummate warriors, blacksmiths, and jewelry makers (which has proven to be quite lucrative).

Ceolbald is among the most powerful warriors to ever come for the Lavitheran / Elementorian people and was, and still is, a truly exceptional swordsman. Ceolbald was born over 3,300 years ago to a family of relatively high standing and, upon reaching the appropriate age, was trained in combat and the use of his inborn abilities, both of which he excelled at.

However, life would not be as idyllic as hoped. Shortly after his 32nd birthday, Ceolbald got his first taste of battle when word reached his people that their allies, the Sirians, were in need of immediate aid. As he was a trained warrior, Ceolbald was one of many chosen to head off-world — something that made him both ecstatic and utterly terrified. After 2 days of travel, the Lavitheran battalions had arrived on Oymia, a jungle planet near Sirius B, where the Sirians are barely managing to hold a group of Jovians, otherwise known to most as “giants.” These Jovians were unusually well-equipped; wielding Thermal Cannons, Gatling Cannons, and Pulse Cannons, these giants were doing far better than they should’ve been able to against the usually dominant Sirians. With that bit of “enlightenment,” the Lavitheran forces immediately dispatched to the Sirians’ positions and aided them however they could, knowing full well that they were in for a fight.

And a fight is what they got.

For several more hours, the Lavitherans and the Sirians fought on, thinning the ranks of the Jovians until they stopped their siege and a challenge was made. Much to their surprise, the Lavitherans and Sirians were asked by the Jovian captain to concede to an trial of single combat; if they won, the Lavitherans and Sirians would leave, and the deposits of metals (the reason for the skirmish) was theirs. If they lost, the deposits would belong to the Lavitherans and Sirians, and the Jovians would trouble them no more.

The Lavitherans and Sirians agreed, and took a vote as to whom would represent them. It took them a few minutes, but ultimately they chose Ceolbald. Ceolbald was completely confused as to why he was picked; he was skilled, but was not the best of the Lavitherans that were there. His people knew that, but his talent was known all over their planet, and thus, he should fortify his reputation by defeating a Jovian. Well, with that said, Ceolbald gathered his sword, made his way to the field, and awaited his opponent. His opponent was Culith, a Jovian of great renown and even greater power, and who was chosen not simply because of his strength, but his ability to lead, a trait considered far more valuable to the Jovians than sheer strength alone. The two warriors made their way towards each, acknowledged each other, and drew their weapons (sword for Ceolbald, battleaxe for Culith), then all hell broke loose.

To start things off, the 10-foot-tall Culith swung his axe with incredible force, sending massive rocks and dirt flying in all directions, but his attack was parried by the 6’5″ Ceolbald, much to the shock of the Jovians, but not the Lavitherans. One thing that Ceolbald in his favor was that, while he was inexperienced in war, he was no stranger to combat. Culith, also surprised (albeit happily), switched hand positions and swung the haft of the axe towards Ceolbald’s head, which he dodged and replied to with a forward stab to Culith’s left leg. Culith moved his leg, and attempted to take Ceolbald’s head off with yet another full-swing; Ceolbald ducked, sprang back at Culith from all fours, and slashed down on the haft of the axe, thus knocking Culith off balance momentarily. With this brief advantage, Ceolbald used the haft as a stepping stone to attempt to bring his sword down on Culith’s head, but Culith met him with a shoulder strike, sending Ceolbald back towards the ground. Cuilth rushed at Ceolbald, spinning his axe along across his shoulders, intent on splitting Ceolbald in two. Seeing what was coming next, Ceolbald spun on his left foot and quickly diverted to his right, thus forcing Culith to follow suit, something his tremendous weight would not usually allow. Culith gave chase, but ultimately it was not be.

A massive explosive went off in the air above, which was seemingly caused by an absolutely massive black triangle. Both the Jovians and Lavitherans were oblivious as to where this spacecraft came from, so they both decided to deal with this new threat and split whatever metals were on the planet. Easy enough.

Ceolbald and Culith smiled and nodded to each other, and proceeded to make their way to the fray.

He had proved himself capable after all.



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