Short but Sweet

~ ~ A few short blurps about some of my characters:

Big Robot Bill:

  • Bill is one of the “Rocketforged,” a series of robotic soldiers created to aid the Armoroid standing army in elite operations. Bill stood out due to “his” size, strength, and incredible skill. Over the course of thirteen years, Bill was deployed to various battlefields and gained valuable experience that only made “him” better. Surprisingly agile for “his” size, Bill helped prove that the “Rocketforged” series was a worthy investment and that they could be trusted with more important tasks. As of now, Bill is stationed on a worldship orbiting Alpha Centauri aiding several ODST troopers in varying operations there.


Igneos, the Scarred Hellfire:

  • Igneos is the evolution of the plasma golem and has proven to be quite the success. Taking the core of a plasma golem, it was then placed in a highly-advanced mechanical body capable of enduring the intense energy emitting from the core. It was then programmed with all manner of fighting techniques (equal to a 21st-level fighter), and the result is a truly frightening weapon. It is unclear who built Igneos as he has been spotted several planets and moons as of late, battling all types of opponents , has no specific insignia on its body; some have pointed to the Shapers, others say the Planetorians, no one knows for sure. Regardless, Igneos continues to be seen on various worlds, searching for something…


Dark Dream:

  • One of Si’tan’s finest warriors, Dark Dream has slaughtered hundreds in his master’s name. Standing well over 6’4″ and sheathed in pitch-black armor, Dark Dream has ingrained itself in the minds of many religious orders throughout the world, as it is responsible for the deaths of many of their warriors and clergy.  As of now, Dark Dream continues to do his master’s bidding, more specifically hunting down any half-celestials that may interfere with his lord’s plans.



  • Barrel-Lock is one of the “Children of ZOO,” and a foremost soldier of fortune. Standing 7’1″ and muscled like a true man-o-war, Barrel-Lock has forged his reputation throughout the galaxy for over nineteen years, and that reputation has gained him both allies and enemies, of which they have both proven to be use. Like most of ZOO’s children, Barrel-Lock is mostly solitary, and usually keeps to the outskirts of the galaxy, however, there was one instance where he found himself in our solar system. Upon hearing that sizable bounty was to be found on Earth, Barrel-Lock eventually made his way to Earth, more precisely Brussels, and quickly began his search. The bounty turned to be a Symphonian named Morningbolt, a powerful warrior who was responsible for destroying a good portion of Skyhelm, a flying city residing within the newly-rebuilt Seven Spaceways. This bout of violence attracted the attention of the Sovereign Alliance, which in turn, resulted in Barrel-Lock being contacted…



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