The violence of eternity

– 5,700 years ago, there was a battle that split a mountain and shook a nation to its core.

One of the combatants was Camroth, an incredibly powerful and ruthless dragon who, due to his ability to survive almost anything, was deemed the “Eternal.” The son of a red dragon and a cold iron dragon, power was inherent to him and he used it to his advantage every chance he could. The other was a warrior was known simply as “Sharpheart,” a human  (though no one could say for sure) who was the current owner of both the “Yearning Fist” (a gauntlet forged from storm-silver) and the “Brutality Jewel” (a truly terrifying relic from the outskirts of space). This combination made her absurdly powerful and virtually unchallenged in the mortal world.

Something Camroth was constantly on the hunt for.

After several weeks of searching, Camroth found Sharpheart in Egypt, training with the resident masters to further improve her skills. Pleased with this, Camroth waited and observed, almost considering dropping the matter entirely, but there’d be no fun in that. The high priests were already aware of Camroth’s presence and alerted Sharpheart as well, who quickly made her way out of the temple she was residing in to meet this threat. Unsurprisingly, Sharpheart was not impressed when she saw Camroth (all 117 feet of him), and inquired as to why he had come. Camroth simply stated he knew of Sharpheart’s reputation and sought to see if there was any truth to it. Laughing quietly to herself, Sharpheart then leaped at Camroth with preternatural speed,, the “Yearning Fist” igniting into red and gold flame as her fist sped its way towards Camroth’s jaw. Camroth diverted the attack with his horns and attempted to take Sharpheart’s head with his wings, both of which she avoided. Not wanting to waste any time, Camroth rushed at Sharpheart, jaws agape, but Sharpheart quickly rolled clear and finally connected with Camroth’s jaw. The punch jolted Camroth, which Sharpheart capitalized on by spin-kicking Camroth in his temple which, in turn, caused Camroth to smash Sharpheart with his left wing.

This attack sent Sharpheart tumbling across the sands, with the mighty beast in dogged pursuit, claws reared and fangs beared. Sharpheart quickly recovered, just in time to avoid a claw swipe, which was followed by a tail sweep, which she blocked, albeit barely.

Undeterred, Camroth wrapped his tail around Sharpheart, attempting to crush her, to which, Sharpheart responded with a downward strike with the “Yearning Fist,” blasting a hole in Camroth’s tail, and forcing a roar out him that was heard for miles, but the tail retained its grip nonetheless. In response to this newfound pain, Camroth slammed Sharpheart in the sands and attempted to throw her once again, but Sharpheart hung on to his tail, swung around, and kicked Camroth directly in the ribs. Though this attack did nothing, it distracted Camroth long enough to grant Sharpheart time enough to regroup and get some distance, which running towards the nearest mountain range. Camroth, no slightly more annoyed, took flight and followed close behind, with gouts of fire trailing Sharpheat’s heels for good measure.

Sharpheart kept running and dodging but, despite her best intentions, Sharpheart’s plan was not to be.

Eventually, Sharpheart grew tired of running and used the Yearning Fist to reflect one of Camroth’s fireballs back at him, forcing Camroth to change course and giving Sharpheart a few precious seconds. Sharpheart leaped towards the nearby mountain range, tore a massive slab of stone from said mountain, plunged her fist into the slab, and sprinted back towards Camroth. Camroth, who seemed quite pleased to see this, dived towards Sharpheart, intent on crushing her, however, upon collision, Sharpheart got the better of the exchange by slamming the slab into Camroth’s neck,  sending him spiraling into the ground. Both lain on the sands for a few moments before finally getting to their feet. Camroth  spit out a small amount of blood while Sharpheart checked her arm as the impact of punching Camroth with the slab jarred her rather harshly.

Both gave each other a knowing glance…then proceeded to ready themselves once again. A legend was to be born this day.

To resist is to live…..

– To be continued



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