A pack of stone wolves…

~ ~ The Wolfborn Infantry:
– The Wolfborn Infantry is an elite unit of warriors loyal to Ja’gar, and are among his finest.

Resembling warriors armored in ice and stone with faces carved to resemble wolves, the Wolfborn’s appearance alone made them infamous.

Composed entirely of Lavitherans, the Wolfborn have forged a reputation for precision, endurance and, above all, brutality. Formed 78 years ago, the Woflborn was mostly Mounment’s idea, as he was half-Lavitheran and therefore understood the potential that was within each and every one of his people. Intrigued, Ja’gar had Monument return to the Lavitheran homeworld and begin recruiting, preferably elders. Interestingly enough, that’s exactly what happened. 800 Lavitheran elders volunteered, much to the surprise of Monument, as they knew his reputation and knew why he was there. Most pleased, Monument brought them before Ja’gar who was equally pleased at Monument’s success and thus granted them a training space to show him their skills.

Needless to say, Ja’gar was impressed.

Afterwards, Ja’gar had them train and deploy to wherever he needed them; be it the Bull’s Eye Nebula or the Ebon Isle (one of House Rutherwood’s chief strongholds), they always proved effective. In time, several dozen more Lavitherans joined their ranks and thus the reputation of the Wolfborn extended even further, reaching even the cliffs of the Mountain of Phantoms, home of Blackwing Tower — fortress of Nyx herself. However, such a reputation gained them enemies in high places, more precisely, for Ja’gar himself. His exploits had garnered the attention of his older siblings: Si’tan and Jehovan, lords of Heavne and Hell respectively, and they warned him to stop or be dealt with.

With that, Ja’gar decided to ease up on his conquests and focus on improving his technological pursuits, and he also proceeded to give the Wolfborn a much-needed break; he told them to scatter and that he would call on them again one day, knowing that their instinct for battle would drive them on.

They wait still….



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