One bullet to rule them all…

~ ~ Operation – Fabled Bullet:
– June 26, 1990

– Capt. Aero and the “Total Patrol” had just made their way to Cuba. The mercenary “Laughing Mask” was working for Castro as a shooter and enforcer. He was quite good. He needed to die. It would be a uphill battle as Castro had a sizable army and he actually trusted “Laughing Mask” (a true rarity). The Captain wasn’t worried. He had with him one of the finest snipers in history: Shining Hawk. Augmented to have even greater control and significantly better eyesight, Shining Hawk was responsible fro many “impossible” kills and solidified his reputation around the world.


Originally in Delta Force, Shining Hawk left the unit in 1987 and quickly established himself as a world-class gunsmith and assassin, which put him on the watch-lists of the CIA, FBI, and Interpol, who ultimately proceeded to utilize his services, particularly in the Middle East.

Fast forward to the present, Capt. Aero has just finished recon on Castro’s fortress and determined that a bit of explosives would be a perfect distraction, which was Short Fuse’s specialty. As his team watched on, Short Fuse gleefully placed proximity mines, dynamite, and bouncing betties around the fortress’ perimeter, ensuring that the distraction would be both effective and entertaining. Sometime later, Castro and his entourage arrived, thus prompting Capt. Aero to rally his team…then Castro and Laughing Mask dropped. Capt. Aero and his team were at a loss from words, as no one heard a shot or had any forewarning. Seconds later, Shining Hawk came on the radio telling everyone: “Move…now.”

Without a moment’s thought, the team sprinted back to the rendezvous point, keeping their guns ready as they were now targets. Shining Hawk told them to keep moving, as he had spotted Castro’s forces hot on their trail, and for Short Fuse to detonate those explosives. Short Fuse happily obliged, sending fire, shrapnel, and shards of wood flying, killing a good number of Castro’s men and buying them some time.  After a few more minutes, the team had finally made their way back to the rendezvous point, but was met by Laughing Mask who somehow survived the headshot he received. Capt. Aero and his team quickly raised their rifles but, yet again, Laughing Mask dropped – a shot had gone right through his throat. Slightly disturbed, the team quickly got onto the waiting gunship, with several of them manning guns, knowing Castro’s forces would unleashing AAGs as soon they spotted them…and they were right. Almost immediately, their gunship was under fire, flak punching through the armored exterior, and the team being forced to fire back. Unbeknownst to them, Shining Hawk was making his way towards the anti-aircraft guns, armed with his M24 SWS, Browning Hi-Power pistols, and M79 grenade launcher, and had every intention of dealing with them…his way. Capt. Aero and his team continued to fight there out of Cuba, taking more damage every minute, that is until the AAGs started exploding. Capt. Aero took out his binoculars and much to his surprise, and delight, he saw Shining Hawk cutting down Castro’s soldiers and launching grenades right into the AAGs, turning them to rubble, and giving Capt. Aero and the team the chance to escape.

Within a few minutes, the gunship had crossed the border and was well on its way to safety, and Shining Hawk began to make his own way back as he had set up his own evac well ahead of time. Capt. Aero got on the radio, and asked Shining Hawk his position with Shining Hawk simply saying: “On my way for a drink. I’ll see you gentlemen soon.” Capt. Aero smiled and sat back, happy that he and his team were on their way home.

3 days later, Capt. Aero was sitting at a cafe in France, enjoying a glass of wine, when he got a tap on the shoulder by none other than Shining Hawk. The two shook hands, and Capt. Aero immediately asked as to how Hawk had escaped; Hawk told him that he had, two days before the mission, set up a pickup with an old Army buddy, prizefighter Rob Clark, otherwise known as “Devil.” Rob was enjoying a brief vacation after a decent purse from his last fight, and was more than happy to help Hawk out, as he, like Shining Hawk, kinda missed the field. It was difficult as they had to fight against Castro’s troops and even a few Cuban mercenaries, but they made it back in one piece, and got that drink after all. Capt. Aero chuckled, finished his drink, and the two started making their way to the Louvre, content in the knowledge that had done the one thing to Castro that no one ever could.




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