Foxes and Hounds, pt.1

— House Foxway:

A family of ascended kitsune who have been in conflict with House Rutherwood for over 330 years. With history dating back to 1000 AD, House Foxway has forged an invisible empire spanning from Earth to Alpha Centauri, and thus gained many enemies, including the aforementioned House Rutherwood and the Chromians.

The feud between them and Rutherwood started in the 1600s and it was over the most trivial of things: the acquisition of minerals.

Both houses had immense mining ships, capable of strip-mining a city’s worth of metals and minerals in just a day, but usually did so on uninhabited planets, asteroids, and comets. One day, however, it was not to be. House Rutherwood had discovered a massive comet floating through the Oort Cloud that was rich with gold and iron (a truly rare combination), and immediately jumped at this chance. House Foxway, however, had also spotted the same comet and wanted it just as much.

Their two mining vessels met each other on opposite sides of the comet and immediately trained their guns at each other, as the comet was quite seriously worth billions, however, their captains attempted to reach a compromise, as the comet was well over a mile in diameter. There was more than enough for each party , but their superiors had other plans and ordered the two captains to attack. Long minutes passed before either ship opened fire as neither captain wanted any violence, but they still had to follow their masters’ orders. In the span of twenty-eight seconds, both vessels unloaded dozens of rounds, impacting the ships with enough force to send shockwaves echoing through space for almost three miles. When the smoke cleared, House Rutherwood’s vessel remained somewhat intact while House Foxway’s vessel burned silently, careening towards the now-open comet.

The captain of House Rutherwood’s vessel painfully informed his superiors of their “victory” and proceeded to mine the comet. With that, the hatred between the two houses began.

Over the next 330 years, the two houses waged war over hundreds of miles of space — destroying cities, moons, planets, and stars.

To think, this all happened in a bid to maintain control…that is until a fox decided to catch herself a hound…making things even worse.



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