Phantom on the Mountain

– Kagari (aka the Dark Shatterer and the Child of Blades) is the latest pupil of  “The Crucifier,” a primordial being of immense martial skill and who is reputed to have crucified the population of an entire universe.

Though his birthplace is unknown, it has been established that he is well over 160 years old and extremely dangerous. Standing well over 7 feet and garbed in black and gold, Kagari strikes a truly terrifying figure and has the reputation to prove it, having faced over 90 opponents and come out victorious. His weapon of choice is a greatsword forged by his own hand called  “Shadowfang,” a mere imitation of his master’s sword, the “Ragespike,” but capable of more than enough damage on its own. Kagari began his training under the “Crucifier” 133 years ago, after years of wandering from underground gladiatorial arenas to scorched battlefields, when he was discovered by the “Crucifier” and offered a place in his school of training. Initially hesitant, Kagari soon accepted and was quickly indoctrinated into the “Crucifier’s” methods.

And those methods nearly broke him.

Day in and day out, he drilled, sparred, and bled, fighting each of the “Crucifier’s” elder students until he could barely stand., but stood he did. The years flew by, and Kagari’s strength and skill increased exponentially until he could match the finest of the Crucifier’s pupils, a fact his master was most pleased with. After five years of training, Kagari was told by his master to seek out an opponent, defeat them , and return with proof of his victory — something Kagari was quite familiar with. After searching for several months, Kagari eventually found a challenger in Finn Strongpike, an Asgardian high warrior who too was searching for a worthy opponent. Kagari made his intentions known and both warriors understood what was at stake. Within moments, both warriors pounced — weapons hungering for blood — and that’s exactly what they found. For seventeen long minutes, the two fighters dueled; each and every strike matched in its ferocity, but all morals remained. On the eighteenth minute, the duel ended…with Kagari as the victor.

Finn smiled as he had been slain by a true warrior, and thus could pass into Valhalla with honor. Kagari acknowledged Finn’s strength, gave him a proper burial, took Finn’s longspear as proof of his victory, and began making his way back to his master. After four months, Kagari finally made it back to his master’s school and presented Finn Strongpike’s spear at the feet of his master, which garnered him his master’s respect as well as the respect of his fellow pupils. With that, the “Crucifier” sent him on more missions; sometimes single combat, other times a war that has enveloped an entire planet, but always one that would force Kagari to become stronger, and above, to gain control.

And stronger, he did become. However, his master told him something thereafter he never forgot and would resonate with him far more than any battle ever did.

“Never forget your roots.”



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