Battle is in my blood

Dark Citadel Penitentiary:
– An infamous prison located in Mt. Everest, Dark Citadel has since garnered the equally appropriate name of “Prison Mountain” due to the majority of the mountain range having been covered into something truly fortified.

Built to house some of the most dangerous prisoners in the world (mercenaries, super-genes, super soldiers, ex-special forces, etc..), Dark Citadel boasts some of the finest security on Earth, yet is lawless just the same. The strongest and most ruthless prisoners are allowed to roam free and take whatever they want from the weaker prisoners, provided they still follow the orders of the security officers. Most inmates sent to the Dark Citadel have sentences ranging from one years to 30 years, but they could make their time go smoother by winning the various tournaments held throughout the prison. These tournaments are usually one-on-one but, on special occasions, a fighter may be forced to fight upwards of four opponents at a time.

One such fighter was the “Whisper,” a prolific serial killer who murdered all of his with his bare hands. Despite being psychotic, the Whisper was nonetheless a brutal and skilled fighter, most notably with boxing and CACC, which allowed him to face his victims and utterly destroy them, leaving them with crushed skulls, broken spines, snapped legs, and collapsed rib-cages. With that, he earned himself 50 years at the Citadel and he immediately made a name for himself as a true alpha — a prisoner more dangerous than his name implied. The warden knew this and quickly threw the Whisper into whatever tournament that was going on at the time, at which he excelled at, to the point of being rather disturbing. For months, the Whisper destroyed whatever opponent that was thrown in his direction, be they big or small, and relished every moment of it. That is until he met the “Chasing Fist,” a legendary fighter not only among the denizens of the Dark Citadel, but also Old Mountain Work Camp and the Storm Desert Correctional Facility. “Chasing Fist” had been bouncing around several prisons fighting in all sorts of tournaments, as a means of reducing his sentence, which was 35 years for crippling his commanding officer.

The wardens of both the Dark Citadel and Storm Desert C.F. figures a fight between the two would bring big money from their benefactors, however, the two fighters needed some convincing. The Whisper and Chasing Fist had actually become friends of sorts, so forcing them to fight, and potentially kill, one another was damn near out of the question.

Then, an opportunity.

The CIA had been observing the various tournaments that the two fighters and fought in and were very interested in recruiting them, so the two wardens realized the potential of this proposal and made a lucrative agreement that could make them rich. The two wardens told the Whisper and Chasing Fist of the CIA’s proposition, informing them that their sentences may be erased if they performed well enough. The two reluctantly agreed. Shortly thereafter, the two fighters were released in the CIA’s custody and were on the shortest of leashes, as their abilities made them exceptionally dangerous. For three longs years, the Whisper and Chasing Fist were deployed all over the world, doing wet-work, demolition jobs, and snatch jobs — all in the pursuit of freedom. Eventually, their time with the CIA began to come to a close, but the CIA had no intention of releasing them (as expected), but the two fighters saw this coming and were readily prepared. The Chasing Fist had taught the Whisper a few skills he had acquired during his time with Delta Force* and, as such, they were able to bypass the considerable security that stood between them and freedom.

For several long minutes, the two fighters fought and avoided agents, security guards, sharpshooters, jeeps, and even an attack helicopter, but they managed to get out of Langley, hijack a truck, and hightail it out of there. Their handlers were expecting this, and were actually pleased with this. The CIA had set their sights on these two, as well as several other prisoners around the world, for a program called “Hungry Wolf,” an apt title, as it specifically recruited those who they know would fight like a starving wolf — powerful, ruthless, cunning, and ever so defiant. These two proved that the program could be used to reign the subjects in, keep under control for a time, and then allow them to “escape” when need a break.

They knew the Chasing Fist and the Whisper needed to get away from them or else they would’ve probably just killed anyone who came in their general direction, and that would not do. So, freedom was theirs..for a time anyway.

A bit risky, but well worth it.

*(While the Chasing Fist didn’t approve of the Whisper’s horrific deeds, he was in no place to judge him as he, as a soldier, was a murderer just the same.)



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