The clay of the gods…

Dying Light (Pt. 1):

– A massive beast composed of dark magic, ancient nanotechnology, and a mighty staff engorged with an empire’s worth of magical power, Dying Light wreaked havoc across the world 5300 years ago.

Resembling a gigantic lump of dark clay, Dying Light is capable of reshaping itself into all manner of forms but usually chooses a six-legged form that allows it to attack and defend from all sides. This attack/defense mechanism would be needed when it was sent to face “Jiont,” a gigantic hybrid of wolf and lion. Standing well over 70 feet tall, Jiont was specifically engineered to bring down some of the strongest fortresses on the planet, at a time when the Earth was inhabited by great wizards, “gods,” and giants of every kind; in those days, wars compassed not just the Earth but nearly the entire solar system (hence the evacuation of Mars). In this case, Jiont was sent to invade “Ironwing Island,” an artificial island located near what would eventually be known as Australia, and was nearly twice the size.

Ironwing Island was the base of operations for the Capellans, a race of beings from Capella Four, otherwise known as the “Night Planet,” was extremely fortified: with five-foot thick steel walls, archer golems, war machine golems, wind terrors, earth slashers, and all manner of cannon — many have tried to invade, but all have failed. Given its reputation, most armies would never dare to attempt an invasion, but the army of Nyx, Mistress of Night, were ever so bold. Lead by “Battle Nimbus,” a being native to the Mountain of Phantoms and with parentage from the Planes of Fire and Shadow, this army of 89,000 elite warriors had carved a legacy of terror throughout the cosmos, and Battle Nimbus had every intention of bringing both glory and the head of Ironwing Island’s commander to his mistress.

Of course, however, they came prepared.

Nyx had long understood the physiology of kaiju and decided to make one of her own — namely Jiont. This massive creature was bred for war on a continental scale and was used to face all manner of foes, including a “Maelstrom Behemoth,” one of the most powerful Starbeast variants ever created. With that, Jiont was sent to fight  alongside Battle Nimbus to prove its strength and ensure her victory.

And prove its strength, it did.

Upon reaching the gates of Ironwing Island, Jiont started ramming said gates with Battle Nimbus and his warriors cutting down any and all opposition they came across,  no matter how strong. For twenty long minutes, Jiont battered the gates, enduring the constant bombardment of the cannons and archer golems which gave the lords of Ironwing Island, agents of Capella Four, reason enough to unleash their ultimate weapon. Within moments, Jiont went from battering the gates to being blasted back almost eighty-three feet, nearly trampling his allies. Upon recovering, Jiont and the others looked up to see a gargantuan mass; dark as night, six-legged, and seething with power. Battle Nimbus scoffed at this “parlor trick,” raised his sword, and commanded his troops forward — victory or death.

Dying Light slowly reared up its legs and charged towards Battle Nimbus and his fellow warriors with preternatural speed, kicking up a cloud of dust that completely blanketed the field, and sending shockwaves all across the island. Jiont charged back and the two collided, forcing every soldier, enemy and ally alike, to find cover. For then on, the two titanic beasts fought with abandon — each strike, tackle, and energy blast was matched by the two beasts, devastating the surrounding area, and giving the mighty Capellans pause as even they didn’t expect Dying Light to be so powerful.  With that, Battle Nimbus clenched his blade and proceeded to charge the enemy yet again as the glory of his mistresses had to be upheld. The two beasts continued to battle as the Capellan commander leapt from the gates of Ironwing Island, as he had grown tired of Battle Nimbus’ brashness and wanted to end this once and for all. Battle Nimbus quickly spotted the Capellan commander and ran towards him, blade raised high, ignoring the two behemoths fighting directly beside him.

The battle between the forces of the Capellans and Nyx was now truly joined, but the deciding factor would ascend from the very earth itself and return from on high…

— To be continued…




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