The Power of the Black Crescent…

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Defiant Primes:
– The Defiant Primes are of the most enigmatic and dangerous beings in the Seven Spaceways. Widely considered the finest martial artists in the Seven Spaceways, the Defiant Primes have proven time and again that the power of the fist can trump any weapon and break through any defense.

The history of the Defiant Primes goes back billions of years to the earliest days of our universe and the very beginning of the history of the beings known as “Asuras,” their own kin. The Defiant Primes were once part of an order of Asuras known as the “Black Crescents,” an order known for its tremendous strength and skill, but also its tendency towards unneeded violence. The Black Crescents carved a sizable niche throughout the Seven Spaceways and some parts of the multiverse by challenging and defeating the best fighters they could find and participating in numerous cosmic wars — all to improve their skills, widen their reputation, and bring glory to the Asuras. In time, their exploits garnered the attention of a powerful cosmic being known as the “Eternal Mentor,” a being legendary for his vast reservoir of galactic knowledge and equal skill in engineering and combat. Intrigued by these “Black Crescents,” the Eternal Mentor decided to send his newest creations: the Quantum Sentinels.

The Quantum Sentinels were a variation of the Orichalcum Sentinels, with the addition of a supreme mithril endoskeleton powered by a binary quantum reactor, thus making them even stronger, faster, and far more deadly — exactly what the Black Crescents look for in opponents. Four heavily-programmed Quantum Sentinels were sent to the Black Crescents’ temple and relayed the Eternal Mentor’s challenge (via recording), to which the Black Crescents happily accepted. The elders of the Black Crescents sent out four of their best and the battle began…with the Quantum Sentinels throwing the first punch.

For the next nineteen minutes, it was a cacophony of impact and speed: the Black Crescents showcased the strength and skill that had built their name, while the Quantum Sentinels demonstrated the divine expertise and supreme engineering of their creators’ hand. Pieces of the temple were completely destroyed during the skirmish and one of the Quantum Sentinels had one of its arms torn off, which ultimately ended the fight. The Quantum Sentinels immediately stopped fighting, acknowledged the abilities of the Black Crescents, and departed, leaving the Black Crescents to wonder what would happen next. The battle did spark one change – the need to strike out on their own. The Black Crescents realized how much further they could push their abilities if they chose to follow the path of technology, rather than spirituality. The other Asuras did not agree. They had been a warrior caste for countless millennia, and never relied on any technology to accomplish their goals. The Black Crescents understood this and were more than willing to accept the consequences should they fail. This small act is the origin of the “Defiant” in the name they would soon acquire.

Soon thereafter, the Black Crescents ventured out on their own, continuing to improve their martial skills, while discovering new technologies that would allow them to explore the vast reaches of the cosmos, especially those corners virtually unknown as they may provide the greatest challenges. In time, they created Dyson spheres, wormholes, superior melee weapons, starships, and discovered the means to prolong their lives by hundreds of thousands of years. Their travels, as expected, brought them in conflict with several other powerful races, namely the Capellans, Chromians, and Planetorians; all of whom were just as skilled as the Defiant Primes — both mentally and physically.

As of now, the Defiant Primes continue to pursue martial perfection, knowing that such a thing is virtually impossible but well worth the pursuit.



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