To prowl the stars….

The Galactic Lion (Pt. 1):
— The Galactic Lion is a near-mythical hero hailing from Soluris, the homeworld of the Solarites. Along with the Salaton known as the “Earthen Hammer,” and the Beta Centaurian known as the “Golden Scimitar,” he established a galaxy-wide reputation for his physical prowess and cunning, as well as his finding, surviving, and containing of the legendary “Brutality Jewel.”

A member of the “Grey Supergiant” genus, Dakoius was exceptional from the beginning, exhibiting far greater strength, speed, and intelligence than most cubs his age, and was thus chosen for advanced training with the Solarite heavy infantry. For eleven years, he learned everything he could from them: hand-to-hand combat, strategy, tactics, combat piloting, and all manner of weaponry — all while continuing to showcase his ever-increasing abilities. Little did he know, Dakoius was one of the Great Golden Sun’s chosen. The G.G.S. had sensed Dakoius’ potential and proceeded to push it further. After his twelfth year, he had proven himself skilled enough to sent on solo missions (all part of the G.G.S’s plan to accelerate his progress), and soon proved himself a valuable asset, completing numerous recon, retrieval, demolition, and assassination missions, while also gaining strength and experience in field operation against the Disronians, Kilronians, and Numerals.

One such mission brought him into conflict against an anomaly known as a “Silent Hound,” a cybernetic minion of the abyssal deity Ithacar. This “Silent Hound” was responsible for the destruction and looting of several trading posts within the Seven Spaceways, and Dakoius was tasked to deal with it. After several days of hunting, Dakoius eventually found it on a large moon, in the process of aiding several of Ithacar’s warriors in building a fortress of their own, complete with heavy artillery. As such, Dakoius came prepared. Carrying a longsword, a trans-warp pulse rifle, and several meson spheres, Dakoius landed on the moon as quietly as possible, and began scouting for the best way to get to the “Silent Hound.” As he moved, he noted the proton cannons, fusion gravity cannons, and mechs, and realized this was going to be a bit difficult.


However, the “Silent Hound” was aware of his movements and alerted several of the mercenaries it was with to Dakoius’ presence. Within seconds, a dozen mercenaries clad in powered armor and wielding laser rifles and daggers came rushing towards Dakoius, determined to kill him. Dakoius knew these men would show him no quarter, nor did he want them to, so he sped in their direction, bent on completing his mission. The mercenaries attempted to flank him at both sides, so Dakoius reacted in kind; after firing in both directions to hold them at bay, Dakoius tossed one of his meson spheres at their leader, which caused the mercenary to immediately dodged the potent explosive, which in turn allowed Dakoius to use the explosion to divert the incoming rush of mercenaries. It proved to be a bigger explosion then expected, which had the consequence of alerting several more mercenaries, one of which he recognized as a “Rocketforged” Armoroid. The Rocketforged were the among the most elite of the Armoroid military, next to the ODST

Dakoius was immediately tackled by the Rocketforged, sending them both flying through the walls of the fortress and in the line of sight of several mechs, who fired everything they had at Dakoius as Solarites were infamous for their durability. Dakoius quickly dodged the gunfire and missiles, flew towards the mechs, and was promptly blasted back out of the fortress by a fusion gravity cannon, landing several hundred feet away. Dakoius brushed himself off, clenched his fists, grinned, and flew back towards the fortress.

He had a mission, the Great Golden Sun had deemed him brave enough to take on this mission, and he would accomplish it….

— To be continued….



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