True strength comes from inside…

Soul Pressure:
— A variation of Golden Bell Shield, Yi Jin Jing, and Iron Body techniques, Soul Pressure is an extremely advanced technique involving telekinetic (“TK”) force to push the practitioner’s strength and durability to its limits (and beyond).

There are eight levels of progression — each one is considerably more difficult than the last. Their titles correspond with the resulting aura the practitioner will achieve when that level is mastered:

citrine -> opal -> sapphire -> ruby -> emerald -> diamond -> blue diamond -> gold diamond

Most never get past “emerald” (though even making it to “citrine” would require a practitioner to have a considerable amount of martial skill and experience), but those who do are truly forces to be reckoned with as they have the ability to face demigods and even some primordial beings on equal footing.

To this date, only eight beings have mastered the final level of “gold diamond,” one of which is the legendary Chromian hero Hyperblade, who used his newly-acquired skills to forge a reputation that spanned three star-systems and bring glory to his people.

Another was Byrnhorn, the greatest of the Defiant Primes. Known as the “Prime Master” and the “Prince of the Sun,” Brynhorn had accomplished such heights in the martial arts that few in the cosmos could equal him, let alone challenge him. His greatest feat would be the two days he spent fighting O’cedan, one of the finest warriors in the Seven Spaceways. The two warriors pushed each other to their absolute limits, but ultimately they declared the fight a draw have remained close friends ever since.

Well…back on topic.

The “Soul Pressure” technique is still being used by various martial artists throughout various star-systems, each one hoping to break through that plateau and achieve greatness.



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